Wednesday, May 8, 2013

ObamaCare - As Good As It Gets

Socialist President Obama lives in a dream world, a place inhabited by left wing college professors and community organizers.   Recently, the President said ObamaCare "is as good as it gets".   Obama went on to say that 85% - 90% of Americans, that already have health insurance, presumably funded by their companies are somehow better off.   Obama is delusional.  All large and small American companies are deciding how they will approach ObamaCare.   Some will just pay the $2,000 fine and walk away from providing any health insurance benefits for their employees.  

Since premiums are going up dramatically under ObamaCare as a result of the "free" mandates, some companies will choose to provide insurance only for their employees, as required by law, in lieu of paying a fine and cease providing coverage for families.   Or, the percentage paid by companies could be altered.  Or, companies may opt for much higher deductibles in an effort to control cost.   Or, companies may designate employees, previously working full time as part time, to avoid any exposure to medical premiums for those employees.  Anyone, including the President, who believes that things are not going to change for the 85% - 90% of those that currently have health insurance, funded by their companies, is smoking medical marijuana.  What ever happens, these Americans are going to pay more than they are paying today. 

The fact is that ObamaCare only exacerabateses the problem of sky rocketing medical insurance.   Nothing in ObamaCare actually controls costs.   Mandates actually raise cost.  Soon, it will cost $20,000 to insure a family of four.  American business is at a tipping point.   To say that ObamaCare is "as good as it gets" is just more Obama B---S---.   American business just can't deal with the 20,000 pages of regulations imposed by ObamaCare.   As a company owner, I can say, WE CAN'T AFFORD IT. 

Just wait, when ObamaCare kicks in on January 1, 2014, employees will pay more and so will the 22 million Senior Citizens that are losing their Medicare Advantage Programs as a result of the $700 Billion cut to Medicare to pay for medical insurance for Obama's PEEP's.   This is the largest redistribution of income Scheme, coming out of Washington, since the Progressive Income Tax.   Once again the Makers in society, will pay for medical insurance for the Takers.  So what's new. 

When voters go to the polls in November, 2014, Republicans need to remind the American people who did this to them, since not one Republican voted for ObamaCare.   The buck stops with President Obama and his Socialist pals in the Congress.   As such, they should be thrown out of office in 2014 and 2016.  

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