Thursday, May 23, 2013

Obama & Radical Islam

Socialist President Obama has proclaimed an end to a "boundless War on Terror" in a recent national security speech.  That would be fine if only Radical Islamists agreed to a cease fire.   The fact is that a very high percentage, know one knows for sure how many, of Muslims in the world are Radical Islamists that hate Western Values, Freedom and the United States, in particular, that they regard as the "Great Satan".   These are their words not mine.  Given the opportunity to use nuclear, or biological weapons in a major US city, they would kill millions of our people.

Socialist President Obama is really conflicted on the War on Terror.  Obama will not even use the words Radical Islam when these are the Terrorists we face.   It is even difficult for Obama to use the word Terrorists.  Though Obama is hesitant to use the word Terrorist, Obama has an Enemies List in the United States that includes Tea Party and other Conservatives and Christian Groups and we see the Dirty Tricks used against them, don't we.  Obamanistas are more concerned about those of us that cling to our guns and religion than Radical Islamists that have declared war on the United States.  Go figure.

Yet, though Obama opposes water boarding to get information out of Terrorists, he will order drone strikes to kill them, including killing Terrorists that were American citizens, without due process.  Obama wants to close Guantanamo Bay and send 166 Terrorists housed there to Yemen, where no doubt they will escape prison, or be let out, as happened before and we will face them once again somewhere in the world killing Americans.  How on earth does that make any sense.

And, what purpose does closing Guantanamo serve to put these Terrorists in some prison in the United States so they can preach their hatred to Americans and illegal aliens in these prisons.  Obama wants to try Terrorists in civilian US courts when in fact they are enemy combatants that should not be afforded all the rights of an American citizen.  Terrorists should be tried by Military Tribunals and given the death penalty if they have murdered Americans.  This Blogger just doesn't get Obama's logic because there is no logic in his thinking on Terrorism.

Obama wants to go back to the old thinking that resulted in 9/11 and that is that these acts of Terrorism are isolated incidents that should be treated as unlawful actions.  Nothing can be further from the truth.   Terrorism today happens as a result of Radical Islam through a loosely coordinated organization that exists around the world funded by Moslem's that hate the United States.  Sorry, but it is what it is.  These acts of Terror are not isolated incidents.  The murder of our Ambassador and three others in Benghazi was not a spontaneous demonstration as originally proclaimed by Obamanistas; but rather was coordinated by a branch of Al Queda.   The bombings in Boston happened as a result of training provided in Russia by Radical Islamists. 

In order to destroy those that would murder us, our enemies, we must at least understand who they are.   Western countries are fighting Radical Islam around the world.  Sorry, Mr. President, you need to get with the program to properly protect the American people and our allies.   Obama's failure to acknowledge the truth does not make it any less true.     

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