Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Attorney General Eric Holder Has To Go

Republicans and now even some Socialists and members of the lame stream left wing media are calling for Attorney General Eric holder to resign, or be FIRED by the President.   Socialist President Obama is standing by Holder, his lackey, incompetent friend for now; but the pressure may become unbearable as Holder becomes a political liability.  Remember, Fast and Furious, when Holder refused to provide information to Congress concerning selling guns to drug lords that were used to kill both an American border guard and Mexicans across the border.  That fiasco earned Holder an unprecedented Contempt of Congress citation. 

And now, Holder apparently lied to Congress, under oath, when he said he knew nothing (a common Holder response), nor had anything to do with ordering the seizure of Reporter's phone records, when in fact Holder signed the order to make it happen.  In fact, Holder had to go judge shopping to get it done as two judges initially said NO.  It was only a third judge that would agree to the search warrant allowing the government to seize a Fox News Reporter's phone records.  Either Holder is suffering from dementia along with incompetence, or he is just a liar.  Since Holder is not that old, this Blogger must assume that Eric Holder is just an incompetent liar in way over his head. 

Since Obama takes personal responsibility for nothing negative, Obama really needs to clean house at the IRS, Treasury, the White House and the Justice Department to rid himself of these political liabilities.   It is time for heads to roll and the sooner the better to prevent Obama's death by a thousand cuts in the months ahead as more information comes to light about all these Scandals.  

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