Sunday, May 5, 2013

George W & Laura Bush - The Last Adults In The White House

This Blogger recently visited the newly opened George W Bush Presidential Library Center in Dallas, Texas.   As I walked through the exhibits, it became clear to me that Bush II was the last adult President living and working in the White House.  Socialist President Obama is a Man/Child that clearly lacks both the experience and the wisdom to be President.   Aside from being around government his whole life, Bush II had not only worked in business; but he had also served as Governor of Texas, one of our nation's largest states, before becoming President.   In addition, Laura Bush was an elegant and poised First Lady, as opposed to Woman/Child Michelle Obama, who when asked who she would like to be if she could choose someone else, responded with Beyonce.   Pretty dumb; kind of like a valley girl. 

Experience matters.  One can only wonder how Obama would have reacted had 9/11 happened under his watch.   Bush II declared War on Terror after 9/11 recognizing that we were are war with Radical Islam.  Obama won't even use the same words.   Bush II inherited a Recession as a result of the Clinton tax increases, made worse by 9/11; but this Blogger does not ever remember Bush II blaming Clinton the way Man/Child Obama still blames Bush II for the lousy economy Obama made worse after being elected.  Instead, Bush II took action by pushing through a tax cut that created economic growth and 8 million new jobs. 

And, Bush II sounded the alarm bells related to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and the mortgage mess that was soon to come a few years before we experienced the financial calamity in 2008.   Socialists in Congress like Barnie Frank, Chuckie Schumer and Chris Dodd, all crooks and some Republicans, all of whom should have been in jail, not in Congress, would hear nothing of it because they were all on the take getting millions of dollars in campaign contributions from Fannie, Freddie and the big banks.  

When the financial calamity did come in 2008, it was Bush II that properly bailed out the banks to prevent complete global financial collapse.  I know, I was there dealing with the mess in my business.   By the time Obama became President, the worst was over; yet Obama made things much worse by adopting anti-growth policies that prolonged the Recession. 

Based on the polls, George W Bush is starting to look pretty good by comparison with Man/Child Obama who daily seeks to divide our country by Class Warfare in order to play to the Takers in our society, Obama's PEEP's.   This Maker is sick of it. Obama, the Man/Child is the great Divider and Chief.   Unfortunately, depending on who wins in 2016, we will not have an adult in the White House again for four more years.  Oh well, we must hold the House of Representatives and take back the US Senate in 2014 to at least keep Obama, this Man/Child in check and hope for better days ahead.   In the meantime, expect more childish behaviors from Man/Child Obama and his Hollywood Glitterati, silly valley girl wife. 

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