Friday, May 3, 2013

Plan B - The Morning After Abortion Pill

Goofy US District Federal Judge Edward Korman agreed with Planned Parenthood, ordering the Federal Drug Administration to allow young girls of any age to buy the Plan B Morning After Abortion Pill without a prescription.  Korman should be impeached since obviously his judgement is impaired.  Obamanistas in the Justice Department have filed an appeal to restrict purchase of the abortion pill, without a prescription, or presumably parental notification, to girls over the age of 15.   Since most states do not allow driving licenses until the age of 16, how does a girl prove she is 15, unless she must produce a birth certificate and other proof to buy the pill.  Well dah! 

Is there anyone in the Obama Administration considering the implications of this Morning After Abortion Pill.  First, kids under the age of 18 cannot legally buy cigarettes.  Kids under the age of 21 cannot legally buy liquor.   Yet, Obama supports children over the age of 15 being able to buy an abortion pill, without any parental notification, or a prescription.   If young kids do not need to worry about potential pregnancy, this will lead to more unprotected sex and the transmission of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, including AIDS.  In addition, all drugs have side effects.  Just suppose the young girl has other medical issues that could be impacted by this drug.  Serious illness, or even death could result from taking this pill.  

Further, to be clear, once conception has occurred, this pill is NOT a contraceptive as positioned by Planned Parenthood.   Plan B is an ABORTION pill designed to kill a fetus, in this case growing in a minor child, without parental notification, or involvement.   Planned Parenthood and their Secular Socialist supporters believe that parents have no rights, related to their own children and they are at the root of this evil.  Why are these Socialists so intent on promoting sex out of marriage and destroying innocent babies by abortion.   It is another sad day in America. 

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