Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Time To Build The Keystone Pipeline

New studies show that North Dakota and Montana have even more oil and gas reserves that originally thought.   When combined with other new found sources of energy, natural gas, oil and gas shale and nuclear, the United States could be energy independent within 10 years.  If only Socialist President Obama and his Gestapo EPA would get out of the way.  It is clearly time for Obama to approve the Keystone Pipeline, not only to get Canadian oil to refineries on the Gulf Coast; but to get American oil there, as well. 

This is a National Security and an Energy Independence issue.  We are within reach of telling countries in the Middle East, that hate us, to go pound sand, since we have sufficient carbon and nuclear based energy sources in the US to power our country for 200 or more years.   Just switching to more natural gas and nuclear energy would do more to address global warming than anything happening today with renewable energy sources because the technology is just not yet there.    And, if we are permitted to use our own energy, the billions of dollars we ship overseas every year to buy oil would stay in our own country.   The US government too would generate billions in new taxes and royalties from more energy production in the US.    

We need to make energy cheaper, cleaner, safer and more readily available in the US to foster economic growth and job creation, while we work on next generation renewables.   We need to turn the Environmental Protection Agency into the Environmental Solutions Agency focused on making current energy sources cleaner and safer to bring down the price.   If energy cost less, more manufacturing will return to America.   This is all about creating millions of badly needed jobs in the US.   It really is time for President Obama to get with the program.  It is time to approve the Keystone Pipeline as a first step. 

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