Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Abortion Murder On Trial In Philadephia

In a horrific court case in Philadelphia, Dr. Kermitt Gosnell was found guilty of three counts of first degree murder and many other charges for murdering babies, born from botched abortions, by cutting their spinal cords with scissors.  Gosnell has been performing late term abortions on women pregnant for more than 24 weeks, which in and of itself is against the law in Pennsylvania.   This baby butcher will either get life in prison, or preferably the death penalty, for these heinous crimes. 

It was not just Gosnell on trial; but rather the infanticide that has been going in the United States since Roe V Wade in 1973, that made abortion murder the law of the land, as 50 million innocent babies have been destroyed in the name of a woman's right to choose.  And, with new technology, we see clearly that it is babies being murdered not just a blob of tissue being disposed of by an abortion doctor.   This Gosnell case is sickening.  Even many Pro-Abortion supporters are repelled and disgusted by the details of the Gosnell case.   How could anyone be otherwise. 

Yet, Socialist President Obama and many of his pals in government still support a women's unlimited right to abortion, including late term and even partial birth abortion.  If it is murder as determined by a jury in a Philadelphia court room to kill a baby, still alive, outside the womb, how is it not murder to kill a viable baby within the womb.   Surely, it is time for a serious discussion to limit abortion when there is no doubt that a viable baby is being murdered.  Allowing abortion up to 24 weeks, or certainly beyond, when babies born prematurely at that time can be saved in any good hospital in the country, is murder plain and simple. 

Allowing minors to get abortions without any parental involvement is crazy.   Allowing minors to buy the morning after abortion pill, over the counter without both parental involvement and a prescription from a doctor is also crazy.  It is time for reasonable people to come together on the abortion issue.  While this Blogger is ardently Pro-Life, though it is still awful, I can understand the need for abortion in cases where the mother's life is really in danger, or if pregnancy is the result of rape or incest.  Abortion used as birth control should be outlawed in the name of personal responsibility.  

And, abortion longer than 12 weeks after conception probably should also be outlawed.  Further, parents should be involved in any abortion decision related to minors.   We are talking about destroying human life.  Certainly, it is time for common sense restrictions.  The Gosnell case in Philadelphia, which is abortion gone wild, demonstrates clearly that our nation has gone too far in permitting this heinous crime against humanity.  

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