Thursday, May 16, 2013

IRS - Big Brother Is Watching

Socialist President Obama demanded the resignation of Acting IRS Commissioner Steven Miller as a result of the IRS illegally targeting Tea Party and Other Conservative groups and their donors.  Big deal.  Miller was leaving office anyway in June.  Obama is hoping that this will end the IRS Dirty Tricks Scandal.  NOT!!!  Obama claims to know nothing about this Scandal.   Obama is either a liar, or incompetent; either way, this President is clueless. 

We need to know who in the change of command ordered this illegal activity and how high up the chain in the White House, or the Treasury Department this all went; particularly since we know now that Obamanistas have an "Enemies List" that were singled out for IRS scrutiny.  Of course, it should be no surprise that this IRS Scheme happened since Obama has demonized the Tea Party and some of his Socialist pals in Congress sent a letter to the IRS demanding that they do exactly what they did to target Conservative Groups.  

This is Nixon all over again and just Chicago style dirty politics.  It has been reported that the IRS illegally leaked Mitt Romney's tax returns to the Obama Campaign in the last election.   Now we know they are going after various Conservatives that support free market Capitalism and limited government.  The characters at the IRS, the Treasury Department and in the Obama Campaign and at the White House that are involved in these IRS Dirty Tricks need to GO TO JAIL.   A Special Prosecutor must be appointed to identify the culprits in this IRS Scandal.  It will not happen if left to Obama's lackey, Attorney General Eric Holder.

Let there by no doubt, the IRS has become the Gestapo of the Obama Administration.   The IRS is Big Brother watching everything we do.  In fact, it was recently reported that the IRS plans to implement Data Mining to track our digital footprint.  That means tracking Americans on Facebook and other social media, along with all credit card and phone bills.   In addition, apparently the IRS has gotten access to millions of people's medical records.   Remember, the IRS is the Enforcer of ObamaCare as though it is not bad enough that the IRS is already involved in all aspects of daily life.

Always remember, history teaches us that Socialists, Communists and Fascists will lie, cheat, steal, borrow and even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.  The IRS has become a tool of the Socialist Obama Administration.   Contrary to Obama's recent assertion, we are facing tyranny and a threat to our freedom.   The IRS is fast become nothing more than a bunch of jack boot thugs with pointy heads and wire rim glasses.  Let there be no doubt that the IRS can make your life miserable, no different than the Gestapo in Nazi Germany, or the old KGB in the Soviet Union.    WE THE PEOPLE must stand up and say NO to this IRS tyranny.  

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