Monday, May 20, 2013

Obama - Incompetence Is Not A Defense

Obamanistas are all over TV, including Socialist President Obama,  basically claiming incompetence as their defense related to the Benghazi debacle, IRS Dirty Tricks, and the seizure of Associated Press Reporters' phone records.  This Blogger has been saying for years that Obama did not have the experience to be President of the United States, which seems to be confirmed by Obama himself in his proclamations.  This President is the Campaigner & Chief, not the Commander & Chief, since Obama has spent time nearly every week in office raising millions of dollars for an on-going, never ending campaign, rather than actually doing the job of President.  All the recent Scandals are just an indication of Obama's incompetence and dereliction of duty. 

So now what to do.  Republicans should not waste any more time on Benghazi.   We all know Obamanistas lied about the Terrorist attack in Benghazi that resulted in the death of our Ambassador and three other Americans.   While this is a tragic story; there is nothing that can be done to bring back these Americans.   The State Department failed to provide requested security and the President failed to send in help to save these Americans.  If Hillary Clinton were still Secretary of State, she should have been forced to resign over Benghazi; but she is gone anyway.  It is what it is.   This story is old news. 

And, specific to the government over reach related to the Associated Press issue,  Republicans should let the left wing lame stream media fend for themselves.  Yes, it was a violation of First Amendment rights related to Freedom of the Press; but the media can get deal with  the President as they so choose, which undoubtedly will happen. 

Republicans instead should focus on the IRS Dirty Tricks because this abuse of power and criminal activity is dangerous to our freedom.   Republicans should demand that a Special Prosecutor be appointed because Attorney General Eric Holder, an Obama lackey, cannot be trusted to conduct a "criminal investigation" to get to the bottom of the IRS scandal.   Heads not only need to roll at the IRS, the Treasury Department and the White House.  The culprits that ordered the targeting of Tea Party and other Conservative groups, as well as, Christians, along with the IRS goons that actually implemented the policy need TO GO TO JAIL to send the right message that this sort of action and threat to our freedom will not be tolerated.   This tyranny cannot be allowed to stand.  And, if it is determined that Obama gave the order to target these Conservative groups, in violation of the law, the President should be impeached from office. 

Republicans should also sponsor legislation that requires the federal government to reimburse any monies a taxpayer must spend to defend against actions and audits by the IRS when the IRS acts inappropriately, or loses an audit case.   Since we pay for the IRS with our tax dollars, it is outrageous that taxpayers must often pay thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars to accountants and attorneys to fight off the IRS, the Gestapo, when they are ruled wrong.   It is time for action now to reign in the IRS before they take control of our health care system under ObamaCare.   

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