Friday, May 24, 2013

Obama's Problem Employees - Lerner and Holder

Hard to believe, but Lois Lerner the IRS Director in charge of the unit that targeted the Tea Party and other Conservative and Christian Groups is on administrative leave, still on the payroll, because she refused to resign when asked.  Now it turns out that Lerner actually signed the letters to these groups asking for all sorts of inappropriate information as a condition for getting their non-profit status.  

Why on earth hasn't Lois Lerner been FIRED for refusing to answer questions, taking the Fifth, concerning her role in these IRS Dirty Tricks.  Oh wait a minute, Obama promoted Lerners's boss, Sarah Ingram to be in charge of the unit that will now enforce ObamaCare.   Maybe Obama is planning to promote Lois Lerner.   Nothing would be surprising in this Administration.  Obamanistas protect their own.  Go figure!!

And, then there is Socialist President Obama's buddy, Attorney General Eric Holder, who apparently lied to Congress, when he said he had nothing to do with ordering the seizure of Reporters phone records.  In fact, Holder said it would be inappropriate for him to be involved in this action.   Now we find out that Holder signed the orders to go after Fox.  This one is so bad that Obama has order Holder to investigate himself and report back by mid-July.  How can the Attorney General investigate himself.  We have reached ridiculous!!

The Benghazi Cover-Up, IRS Dirty Tricks Scandal and the seizure of Reporters phone records in violation of their First Amendment Rights and Freedom of the Press, which Obama claims he does not support, is becoming death by a thousand cuts for Obamanistas.  As much as Obama tries to change the subject by going back on the road, campaign style, giving graduation speeches, appearing at factories and giving a major speech, throwing in the towel on the War on Terror; none of it is working.  Instead, everyday brings new revelations concerning these Scandals like water dripping on Obama's head.  It is a slow, painful death. 

Heads need to roll at the IRS, Treasury and the White House and the sooner the better to lessen the pain.   Obama also needs to FIRE Attorney General Eric Holder who is clearly incompetent and a political liability.  Obama should find some fall guys and FIRE them even though if he put on his big boy pants he would admit that the buck stops with the President.   That will never happen because Obama will not take responsibility for any of his Administration's foibles.  Oh well, maybe in 2016 the American people will elect an adult again as President of the United States, instead of a star struck Man/Child.   

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