Sunday, January 6, 2013

Gun Control - Common Sense Ideas

There are hundreds, if not thousands of laws already on the books in the United States dealing with gun control.   None of those laws has prevented the mass killing tragedies we have experienced in our country.   And, the gang killings that are usually drug related in cities like Chicago, that already has strict gun laws, occur using illegal guns, not legally purchased weapons.   Obviously, millions of Americans, this Blogger included, own guns legally without incident.   The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution, upheld by the Supreme Court, guarantees our right own guns.  And, our Founding Fathers included the Second Amendment, not to guarantee hunting rights; but in recognition that history teaches us government is to be feared. 

The over reach of the federal government into all aspect of daily life and the confiscation of personal property and monies through eminent domain and taxation proves that we must be weary of our federal government.   This Blogger owns guns, not because I fear criminals so much, though they are out there; but because as a former history teacher, I can point to many examples in history, when government has murdered its own citizens.  As such, I fear government for good reason, particularly when Socialists, like Obama, are in power. 

In any case, in the state of Nevada where I live, a background check was required before I could buy my guns.  I had no problem with that process.   I would have a problem if I had to register my guns with the state, or federal government because of what just happened in New York when a local newspaper published the names and addresses of legal gun owners.   Of course, there was uproar in some cases by those that don't own guns, since criminals are now more likely to rob their houses.  Ironically, this will probably cause those people to go out and buy guns. 

Can you even imagine if the names and addresses of Americans with HIV, as a transmittable disease, were published in a local newspaper.  It would be an incredible invasion of privacy causing uproar by the all and the same should be the case related to legal gun owners. 

We do need to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and those with mental disorders.   As such, as part of any background check that is required, there should be a national registry of those that have committed a felony and those that have been convicted of any drunk driving, drug arrest, or act of violence.   In addition,  we should add to that national registry any American that has been treated for any mental disorder and particularly those people that are on mind altering drugs. 

It is only common sense that we should keep guns out of the hands of all these people.   Of course, Socialists will likely never agree to any of this.  However, even if these things were in place, this will not solve the problem of illegally acquired guns that can be purchased on our streets as contraband.   Perhaps, a penalty of ten or more years in jail for selling guns illegally should be automatic if caught. 

Most important, isolated tragic events of mass murder, no matter how heinous, should not be the basis for denying Americans their rights to legally own guns, provided they have no criminal or mental disorder history.   Obviously, guns should be locked away from children, or anyone in a household with mental issues.   This is another case where common sense should prevail; but that never happens when Socialists and the lame, stream left wing media attack all gun owners. 

Millions of Americans that own guns legally are not the problem.   Sadly, given the violence that exists in the media and throughout America, we may need armed guards at schools and other public places.   The work place should be made secure by employers to help guarantee that anyone carrying a weapon is not allowed in the building.   Common sense gun control laws to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and those with mental disorders makes sense.   Preventing, or limiting other Americans from owning guns would be a violation of the Second Amendment and is therefore not acceptable. 

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