Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Al Qaeda Is Alive And Well

Osama Bin Laden is dead giving Obama/Biden some bragging rights; but his organization, Al Qaeda, is alive and well in North Africa, Yemen, Pakistan and other countries.  In that sense, Bin Laden succeeded at succession planning.   We have seen in Libya, with the murder of our Ambassador and three other Americans and the Terrorist Attack in Algeria and the murder of more Americans and others, that Al Queda is fully capable of launching attacks against the United States and other Western countries, at will.   And, during recent testimony by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, it is pretty obvious that we are still ill prepared to deal with these Terrorist attacks, despite all the crowing by Obama/Biden during the last Presidential Campaign.  In fact, the screws ups related to the Terrorist attack in Benghazi are monumental.   Those responsible should be FIRED, not just transferred to another cushy government job, as occurred. 

To his credit, Socialist President Obama has been using drones to go after Terrorists anywhere in the world, crossing borders, when necessary to do so; but Obama's unwillingness to call Terrorists the Islamic Fascists that they are is absurd.   These evil characters want to create a nuclear armed Caliphate throughout North Africa, the Middle East, Afghanistan and Pakistan predicated on fanatic Islam and Sharia Law, destroying Israel in the process.   While these Islamic fanatics are clearly our enemies, they are also out to kill Islamic moderates attempting to bring their countries into the family of nations in the 21st Century.  

It is what it is.  Obama needs to demonstrate that he recognizes the reality that we face in order to properly deal with this Terrorist threat.   We are in for a very long struggle and the potential for more military action to deal with Iran, in particular, that not only is attempting to become a nuclear power; but is also funding these Terrorists around the world.  A nuclear armed Iran is as bad as any enemy we have ever faced because the Mullah's that control Iran are crazy fanatics. 

If we are not resolute in our willingness to go after these Terrorists, any where in the world, we are likely to see another horrible attack on the American mainland.  All points lead to Iran and other Islamic Fascists that are funding these Terrorists.   The fish rots from the head down.   And, giving more foreign aide to Egypt, led by Morsi, a Member of the Moslem Brotherhood, a Terrorist organization, is pretty darn stupid.  If we don't stop the money from flowing to these Al Qaeda Terrorists around the world, it is impossible to end Terrorism.   It really is pretty simple. 

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