Monday, January 28, 2013

Detroit Filing For Bankruptcy - Surprise, Surprise

Surprise, Surprise, Detroit City is about to file Chapter 9 Bankruptcy.   This is the purest example of a failed city, run into the ground, by corrupt Socialists politicians feeding at the trough for years.   In fact, Detroit was a disaster area full of run down crack houses when this Blogger was there in 1968.  It is hard to imagine what it must be like today.  Detroit has 18% unemployment.   The murder rate in Detroit is 1 per 1719 residents, which is 11 times higher than New York City's rate. 

Detroit is a union city.   There are 48 different union bargaining units that the city must deal with that are bankrupting the city.   Since the city is 83% African American, the City Council wants the nation's first Black President to provide a Bail Out.   Where have we heard that story before.   Of course, it is not going to happen because there would be 100 other cities and states in line requesting a Bail Out.   The best that will happen is that the State of Michigan will take over the city and in doing so depose the existing city government.

Detroit is a mess.   It is a classic example of incompetent Socialist government gone wrong.   It is what we will face as a nation if Socialist President Obama is allowed to continue his annual trillion dollar deficits.   Sadly, Detroit will die a timely death.   Much of the city should be bull dozed.   The good news is that there may be gas or oil shale below Detroit.   Detroit could end up being a gold mine; that is if Obama allows drilling to occur.   This may be the highest and best use of Detroit.   Let's get it done. 

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