Sunday, January 27, 2013

Common Sense Immigration Reform

It is time for common sense Comprehensive Immigration Reform that goes far beyond dealing with 12 million illegal aliens in the United States.   Let's really secure our border as a first priority to prevent Illegal Aliens, drugs and Terrorists from entering our country.   Illegal Aliens currently in our country illegally should be fined and given a Blue Card that provides permanent residence.  

Their children that came to America illegally under the age of 18 should be given a path to citizenship, which means the right to vote, eventually.  Any illegal alien convicted of a crime in our country should be deported after serving time in prison, with a guarantee that if they return and are caught, they go to prison for life.   Sold American.   Let's get passed this issue once and for all.

In addition, we need a guest worker program that would allow Mexicans, in particular, to come to the United States for work. legally.   Ideally, these should be people without children so that they don't negatively impact our schools and medical system.   We could provide them a three year work permit, renewable provided they work and don't commit any crimes. 

Almost more important, let's welcome people from foreign countries with university degrees in the fields we need, medicine, engineering, sciences, math, languages and perhaps others, with a Green Card and path to citizenship.   And, those foreigners that graduate from our universities should be given permanent residency status and a path to citizenship.   Why send them home to grow the economies of other countries, rather than the economy of the United States.   That is just plain dumb. 

We need common sense Immigration Reform that works for our country.   The is no reason this issue should continue to be a political football.   Republicans should get out front in advocating a Comprehensive Immigration Plan that recognizes reality.  There is absolutely no reason why Latinos should not be included in the Republican Tent.   

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