Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The American President Is Becoming A Dictator

Our Founding Fathers created three co-equal branches of government in our Constitution; the Executive, the Legislative and the Judiciary to provide for checks and balances to prevent an abuse of power.   The problem is that since the very beginning of our country, successive Presidents have taken powers never given to them by the Constitution, using the Commander and Chief rationale to pretty much do anything they want.   When this happens, Presidents basically dare the other branches of government to challenge them.

Lincoln suspended Habeas Corpus, during the Civil War, as written in our Constitution, that guarantees that anyone arrested must be brought before a court of law, even though the Supreme Court declared his action unconstitutional.  Lincoln simply ignored the Supreme Court ruling, which should have been an impeachable offense.   When Theodore Roosevelt decided to send the Navy on a world tour, the Congress would not appropriate the monies to make it happen.  Roosevelt did it anyway by saying I got them there to Congress, now you get them back.  Franklin Roosevelt attempted to pack the Supreme Court with additional Justices because the Court kept striking down his New Deal programs.  Fortunately, it did not happen; but the threat was so onerous that the Court fell in line to support years of Socialist creep. 

Socialist President Obama is doing everything he can to continue the  Presidential power grab that has been happening for years.   Obama is about to issue as many as 6,000 Executive Orders to circumvent the Congress and virtually impact all aspects of daily life.   These Executive Orders, when combined with hundreds, if not thousands, of new regulations coming out of the Obama Administration represent a power grab on an unprecedented scale.   Obama is evolving into a Dictator.

Obama may soon issue an Executive Order to get around Congress related to raising the National Debt Ceiling.  Obamanistas are now talking about getting around the Second Amendment, guaranteeing Americans the right to own guns, by Executive Order.  Obama basically provided the children of illegal aliens Amnesty by Executive Order.  Obama is a Socialist, or maybe even a Communist, out to transform our country into a Socialist, or Communist nation.   It is becoming clearer by the day, that Obama, like all Socialists, will lie, cheat or steal to advance his Socialist Schemes, in this case by Executive Order. 

All of this is very scary, particularly when combined with the Supreme Court ObamaCare ruling, which now allows the government to force Americans to do just about anything against their will.   Our freedom is under attack.  America is headed toward Dictatorship, under Obama.   Remember, Adoph Hitler was elected and then took Dictatorial power.   The same happened with Hugo Chavez in Venezuela.  Socialist President Obama is moving in the same direction to become an American Dictator.   Every American should fear what is happening. 

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