Friday, January 25, 2013

Obama Appointments Unconstitutional

The Court of Appeals of the District of Columbia recently ruled that Socialist President Obama's Recess appointment of his left wing stooges to the National Labor Relocation Board was unconstitutional.   The reason is that the US Senate was not technically in Recess, as contended by Obamanistas, when the appointments took place.  As such, the President acted without the advice and consent of the Senate, which is required by the Constitution for these appointments.   This ruling also calls into question the appointment of Richard Cordray, head of the Consumer Financial Protection Agency, appointed by Obama on the same day.    Most likely, that appointment will now be challenged in court, as well. 

If this ruling is upheld by the Supreme Court, which seems likely, it means that hundreds of National Labor Relations Board rulings will be invalid.   Further, it will leave the National Labor Relations Board in shambles with not enough members to function, which is a good thing.   This is a major victory for Republicans and embarrassment for the Obama Administration.  It is also a proper rebuke for a President that constantly disregards the Constitution.  

This may also be the end of the story for many of Obama's Executive Orders that go well beyond his Constitutional authority.   Obama, the Man Child, needs a good slap in the face every once in a while to help him understand that our Founders created the separation of powers and the three branches of government to limit Executive power and for good reason.   We don't elect a dictator in this country even though Obama often acts like we do.  

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