Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief - Borrowed Money

Shortly, Congress will approve as much as $60 Billion for Hurricane Sandy Relief to help the people of New Jersey, New York and Connecticut rebuild their homes.   That particular bill came over from the Senate to the House filled with pork that had nothing to do with Hurricane Sandy.   Senators of both parties always use a good crisis to bring home more bacon to their particular state.   Supposedly, the lard/pork will be cut out of the House version of the bill.   We will see; but don't count on it. 

More important,  Republican Tea Party Members in the House of Representatives, the only adults in Washington DC, demanded that they find spending cuts to fund this Relief money.   Of course, both Republicans, including Governor Chris Christie, who is often a big, big wind bag, and Socialists were outraged by this demand.   Does common sense ever prevail in Washington DC, apparently not.   It seems that disaster relief is always funded with borrowed money, even though we now have a $16.4 Trillion National Debt, with no end in sight. 

What is important about this $60 Billion is that it is roughly equivalent to the tax increase money that will come in during 2013 from the Fiscal Cliff deal.   So that new tax money is already gone with the wind so to speak.   Republicans are often just as bad as Socialists when it comes to spending.   These politicians are addicted to spending just like crack cocaine addicts.   Why not find the money by cutting other spending to pay for Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief.  

There is so much waste in federal government spending that it would not take much looking to find $60 Billion in redundant programs, agencies, commissions, or departments that could be eliminated tomorrow and they would not be missed one bit.    Of course, with the exception of responsible Tea Party Members,  other Republicans and Socialists can't see the forest for the trees. 

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