Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Obama Signs Marshall Law Executive Order

Socialist President Obama has signed the National Defense Preparedness Executive Order, which would give the President near unlimited power over US citizens and our property.  If the President determines that there is any threat to National Security, apparently as determined by him and him alone, the President would be able to take control of food resources, livestock resources, distribution of farm equipment, commercial fertilizer and all forms of energy, health resources, transportation and even water resources by declaring Marshal Law. 

In other words, by declaring a National Security threat, Obama could shred the Constitution and take control of the entire economy of the United States and all property owned by the people of the United States.  In fairness, similar Executive Orders were signed by Presidents Eisenhower and Clinton.   However, this goes way beyond anything Lincoln did during the Civil War in 1862 when he declared Marshall Law and suspended the right of habeus corpus, requiring that anyone arrested be brought before a court of law to determine if the arrest was warranted and legal.  

What makes this particular Executive Order scary is the fact that the Congress enacted HR 347, signed by Obama in 2011, which prohibits Trespass or Protest any where near a government building, or employee protected by the Secret Service eliminating First Amendment freedom of speech and assembly rights.   And finally, now the Socialists are talking about banning all sorts of guns, in violation of the Second Amendment of the Constitution.  

Look,  Socialists in particular; but all career politicians, including Republicans, feeding at the trough for years, fear the American people.    It was recently reported that the federal government has been stock piling ammunition.   The question is why?  This is all happening because if Obama's current multi Trillion dollar deficit spending trajectory continues, it will cause the bankruptcy of the United States, the resultant collapse of our economy, a loss of our national sovereignty and likely civil strife on our streets.

The nation has never been more divided since the Civil War thanks to Drama Obama.  Obama is a Socialist and he may even be a Communist determined to "transform" our country into a Socialist/Communist nation by confiscation of wealth and redistribution of income in the name of social justice.   Of course, all of this will lead to chaos as has happened throughout the world whenever Socialism has been tried.   We will see civil strife on our streets unless Obama is stopped.   None of these actions are an accident. 

Politicians are scared to death, since 150 million Americans own guns that would certainly be used for protection in the event the American government becomes a murderous dictatorship.   This was after all the reason our Founders included the Second Amendment in our Constitution fearing a tyrannical, murderous government.  Let us hope we never see it; but history teaches us we must fear government, particularly when Socialists, Communists, or Fascists are in charge.  We have seen this story before and it never has a happy ending. 

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