Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Middle East Is Exploding

Egypt is falling apart.   Israel recently felt compelled to attack Syria to prevent weapons from going to Terrorist groups in Lebanon and the Gaza Strip.  Iran is inching toward nuclear weapons.  North Africa is become a Terrorist haven.   After the Arab Spring that was supposed to bring democracy to this part of the world,  things are worse today that ever.   So much for Socialist President Obama's leadership and foreign policy. 

Remember, it was Obama that went on this apology tour, right after being elected in 2008, to the Middle East blaming America for all the world's problems.   We see now that America has nothing to do with the problems in the Middle East.  Arab countries have been ruled by corrupt dictators for centuries.   The religious fanatics that appeal to many Muslims in various  Arab countries and Iran is a response to years of corrupt dictators that have raped their countries keeping their peoples living in poverty, while they pad their Swiss bank accounts with our money.  

The United States has given billions of dollars in aide to various countries in the Middle East, yet the people live in poverty.   Most of this money has gone to the military to subjugate their people and to their leaders to pad their bank accounts.   It all has to stop.  Those free Jet Fighters and Tanks from the United States that are supposed to go to Egypt should not be going there.   Well dah!!   The money going to Pakistan to bribe their leaders and military should end.   The Middle East is indeed a mess.   The last thing the United States should be doing is sending our hard earned tax dollars to these crooks and Terrorists that hate us.   It is time for some common sense.    

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