Saturday, January 19, 2013

Obama's Second Term - More Misery

Unless we see a resignation, impeachment, or death, all of which are unlikely, we are stuck with Socialist President Obama and all his shenanigans for four more LONG years.   Ironically, though Vice President Joe Biden is a buffoon, if he ever had to replace Obama, Biden is more moderate and experienced and more likely to act in the country's interests.  But, since that is not going to happen, let me provide a future glimpse of the next four years.   Do print this Blog Posting and refer to it often. 

Drama Obama will cause crisis after crisis and use each occasion to grab more power to advance his Socialist Schemes.   This will cause uncertainty and instability and in some cases court challenges, which will lead to slow, or little economic growth and job creation.   The stock market will do OK, because major companies have laid off thousands of employees during the Recession, so they are lean and mean, which drives profits; though there could still be up's and down's with every market shock.  Small and Mid Sized companies, many of which are impacted by recent tax increases and ObamaCare will not do as well. 

If the Republicans in Congress stand tough, we will have GRID LOCK, which in this case is a good thing, rather than allow Obama to advance any more of his Socialist Schemes, higher taxes and more regulations.   As a result, Obama will continue to use Executive Orders to the degree he can to "transform" our country into a Socialist nation.   The good news is that Executive Orders are not the law of the land, only Obama's laws while he is in office.   The next Republican President, with one stroke of the pen, can end all of Obama's Executive Orders.   So, while we may endure four more years of Obama tyranny, to some degree it can be mitigated by electing more Conservatives to Congress in 2014 and a future Republican President.

The bad news is that we will see Trillions more added to the current $16.4  Trillion National Debt.   Obama and his Socialist pals in Congress will never agree to cut spending, or real Entitlement Reform.    That probably means that the National Debt will grow to $20 Trillion or more in the next four years.   This will result in a further downgrade of the US credit rating.   This will require the Federal Reserve to print even more money destroying the value of the dollar.  It is already happening.  So, we will begin to see very high inflation and interest rates.   In addition, we will see a number of foreign policy fiascos because Obama is not up to the task.  Buy Gold, Silver, guns and real estate to protect your assets.   The next four years under Drama Obama will be very rocky indeed. 

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