Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Critical Economic Theory - The Real Story

Throughout history in every country in the world, the children of upper middle class and rich parents have been privileged.  Call it Critical Economic Theory.  Critical Race Theory that speaks of White Privilege is just Socialist Marxist revisionist history based on racial hatred and bogus ideology. The fact is that there are more White People in the US on Welfare and Food Stamps in real numbers than there are Black people.  For every Black person killed by a cop in the line of duty three White people are killed.  While tragic in either case, these are the facts.  50% of people living in the United States of all colors do not have $1,000 in the bank to cover an emergency.  

My blue collar White parents struggled most of their lives just to get by.  And, to be sure whatever my brother and I have came through years of hard work and sacrifice not White Privilege.  And, this story is the same for millions of Americans.  Matter of fact when I worked in education, I experienced reverse discrimination. So, if the eggheads had come up with Critical Economic Theory as the basis for their Social Justice Curriculum, as a former history teacher, I would be all in.  The Obama's children  obviously have benefited from their parent's wealth.   They have enjoyed Economic Privilege like the children of other rich people of all colors. The same is true for the children of all upper middle class, or rich parents all over the world regardless of race, ethnic origins, religion, or sexual orientation.  To claim otherwise is ridiculous. 

The real issue in the United States and other countries is income inequality.  100 global companies headquartered in the US control about 50% of our GDP.  That is too much power and wealth in too few hands.  Those companies should be broken up to create more competition, which would actually bring down prices.  Local, State and the Federal Governments combined control the next 40% of our GDP, again too much power in too few hands.  All of this leads to income inequality.  Since most poor children in the United States go to failing public schools, they often "graduate" with no marketable job skills and reading and math abilities way below grade level.  That is a big problem related to moving up the economic ladder.  It is the reason that School Choice should be the law of the land so that poor parents of any race would have the same schooling options that upper middle class and rich people have when they send their children to private schools.  A great education and an intact two parent family are the best ways to break the poverty cycle.  But, this is not a racial issue.  It is a social and economic issue.  

Critical Economic Theory is the real story.  It could be the basis for the left and right joining hands to teach history based on the facts, not bogus Socialist Marxist identity politics.  We could work together to get this right if we just stick to the facts.  

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