Sunday, June 20, 2021

All Lives Matter - BLM Is A Radical Terrorist Organization

As best I can tell, the Black Lives Matter movement is a radical Marxist Terrorist Organization, out to destroy our country, extorting billions of dollars from major corporations that are dumb enough to fund them.   If they really cared about Black lives they would be focused on Black on Black crime, which kills far more Blacks each year than are killed by cops in the line of duty and abortions that have killed millions of Black babies since Roe V Wade.  

The fact is that All Lives Matter including innocent people of all colors killed by cops.  Notice I said innocent people. Out of 1,021 people killed by cops in the line of duty in 2020, only 55 were unarmed.  There were more Whites than Blacks killed.  Clearly, the 55 killed that were unarmed should be investigated because all deaths are tragic.  However, if someone is carrying a gun, knife, axe or any other weapon, if they don't drop it when ordered to do so, the cops must do what is necessary to stop someone from harming a cop, or anyone else in the line of fire.  That is their job.    

Antifa and BLM have spent the last year rioting, looting and burning down cities.  They have destroyed businesses and many buildings in the process to the tune of $2 billion in property damage.  Most arrested in Blue states and cities have not been prosecuted for their crimes, which is crazy.  We see criminals in California and some other states just walking into stores and taking whatever they want with no arrest, or criminal prosecution.  Law and order is breaking down.  We are seeing the end to civil society, which is probably why gun sales are going through the roof.  People obviously feel the need to protect themselves because they don't know for sure if calling 911 will result in any cops showing up with guns. 

This is nirvana with National Socialists in charge.  We are reaching very dangerous times in our country.  People will take the law into their own hands if they don't feel protected by government.  That is not a good thing.  

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