Tuesday, June 8, 2021

The Cost Of Illegal Immigration - Chaos At The Border

It is estimated that Illegal Immigrants cost the taxpayers of the United States $132 billion a year.  If this is the true number it would include things like the cost of education, medical care, law enforcement, jails, border enforcement etc.  Of course, this may not include the cost of illegal drugs coming across our border at the same time, which is a whole different story.  So now, Vice President Kamela Harris goes to Guatemala and tells the people there,  Don't Come because you will be sent back.  Really!  Joe Biden put out the welcome mat during the campaign in 2020 and now we have chaos at our border. 

Even Bidenistas are starting to realize that we are being invaded by an overwhelming number of people.  And, it is laughable to say that the border is secure.  The human traffickers have free run of our border smuggling children and adults, as well as, drugs into our country.  The notion that the border is secure is a joke.  Bidenistas are starting to recognize that they have unleashed an uncontrollable fiasco; yet Biden continues to rescind Trump's executive orders that provided our country the most secure border in decades.  Poor Joe, he just does not know what the hell he is doing.  

It is time to put the Trump executive orders back in place.  Anyone seeking asylum in our country should be forced to remain in Mexico until their cases comes up.  Anyone else should be stopped from entering our country.  Unaccompanied Children that come into our country illegally should be sent right back to the countries they came from.  What we see happening is utter chaos on the border.  Greg Abbott, the Governor of Texas is saying Enough as he seeks to close down illegal alien holding tanks.  Biden is threatening to sue the state of Texas.  Go for it.  Hopefully, the courts will side with Texas.  In the mean time, Bidenistas are in a panic.  They just do not know what to do to stop the chaos that they have caused.  Biden needs to call President Trump for advice.  

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