Friday, June 18, 2021

Homeland Security Is Run By A Clown

Homeland Security, a crucial department of our government is being run by a clown.  Big Mouth Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas uses a lot of words to say NOTHING.  Most important, he and all the other Bidenistas refuse to admit that there is an invasion of illegal aliens happening and crisis at our border like nothing we have seen in decades.  Biden opened the flood gates when he told illegal aliens to come on in.  Biden stopped the building of the border wall, which was about as dumb as it gets.  Biden did away with Trump's executive orders one of which required those seeking asylum to stay in Mexico until their court dates came up, which discouraged people from coming.  

And now, we are back to catch and release.  That other clown Kamela Harris went to Guatemala and told people, "Don't Come" because they will be turned back.  Really!   Thousands are being admitted to the United States because they don't have any place to put them.  They are being bused or flown to cities all over the country.   

The situation is so bad that the Governors of Texas and Arizona are stepping into the breach.  Governor Abbott of Texas has announced that Texas will continue building the wall.  They have opened a website to take donations from all over the country to get this done.  I suspect Arizona will be next.  Other states are sending their national guard troops to help with border enforcement.   Just wait, Bidenistas will go to court to stop states from enforcing our laws. 

Idiot Mayokas and other Bidenistas and Deep State Swamp Lizards have proclaimed Domestic Terrorism by White Supremists as the biggest threat to our country along with Climate Change.  We have experienced cyber terrorism bad enough to shut down our entire economy.  China and Russia both can destroy our country with nuclear weapons.  Biden is bankrupting our country as we approach a $30 trillion National Debt.  And, of course, we face an invasion of our country at our Southern border.  Domestic Terrorism is certainly not our biggest problem.  Our biggest problem are the Bidenistas running our government who are clueless.   

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