Thursday, June 3, 2021

Biden Proclaims White Supremacy Biggest Threat To Our Country

Joe Biden has proclaimed White Supremacy as the biggest threat to our country.  Really!  That is about the dumbest comment that has ever come out of a President's mouth and we all know there have been many dumb comments in the past.   Poor Joe!  Biden lives in a world clouded by his dementia.  Let me count the real threats to our country.  Let's start with Islamic Fascist Terrorism, Al Qaeda that brought down the World Trade Center, crashed into the Pentagon and caused a third jet to crash killing about 3,000 people.  It was the biggest attack on our country since Pearl Harbor.  And, then there is ISIS that has killed thousands of people and still exists in various countries in the world.  

So then we have Russia that is implementing cyber terrorism to destroy our country and has Nukes equal to ours.  Let's not forget China that is building a military that could over pass ours if we don't invest sufficiently in our defense.  China seeks to be the dominant world power in the next ten years.  Of course, since Biden is China's Butt Boy as a result of his crime family crooked deals, he can't acknowledge the threat.  There is always North Korea that has nuclear weapons and Iran that will soon have them.  Iran is the largest state sponsor of Terrorism in the world and was behind the recent rocket attacks on Israel. 

We can't forget to mention BLM and Antifa terrorists that have spent the last year rioting, looting, burning down cities including government buildings, destroying businesses and injuring people.  It is estimated that BLM and Antifa have caused $2 billion in property damage in many cities around the country.  Yet, Biden and the National Socialists do not condemn their actions.  

Despite of all of this, Biden thinks White Supremists are the biggest threat to our country.  This premise is idiotic.  We know now that there were only a small number of radical extremists involved in the January 6 riot at the Capitol.  Most of the 450 people arrested were just mainstream Americans contrary to National Socialists, Fake New and Deep State Swamp Lizard assertions.  No doubt, there are a small number of White Supremists in our country some of whom may be violent; but they are hardly a threat compared to all the other real threats we face.  Poor Joe.  Biden just does not see the world as it is, which is dangerous to our National Security.  The poor guy can't see the forest for the trees.  Maybe he needs glasses or cataract surgery.  

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