Sunday, June 13, 2021

The Truth About The Cops - Not Socialist Fake News - BLM Propaganda

As some cities seek to defund the police, they ignore the facts.  In 2020, the Police fatally shot 1,021 people.  Of those 983 were male, 38 were female, 457 were White, 243 were Black, 170 were Hispanic, 151 were classified as other.  Of the 1,021 killed in the line of duty, only 55 of the total were unarmed, 24 being White, 18 Black, 8 were Hispanic and 5 were classified as other.   The reality is that many more Blacks are killed as result of Black on Black crime in the country every year than are killed by the police.  Keep in mind, these numbers come out of millions of interactions with cops every year.  Most important, most of the people killed by cops of all colors were ARMED.  

If this is "systematic racism", the numbers just don't support the claim.  All Lives Matter and every death is tragic.  What we are seeing today is cops standing down rather than doing their jobs for fear of crucifixion.  The end result is that crime and murder rates are going through the roof all over the country.  This hurts minorities most since poorer areas tend to have the highest crime rates.  Cops have a split second to decide on a course of action.  Clearly, if faced with an armed person, after yelling, "drop it", if the person fails to follow instructions, they are subject to being killed to protect the lives of cops, or others that could be in the line of fire.  Those killed of all colors who were unarmed warrant investigation to determine justification; but again this was 55 out of 1,021.  

The BLM and Antifa riots we are seeing on our streets against the Cops ignore the facts.  Without a doubt, Cops are in business to save lives.  It is hard to imagine a civil society without the Cops protecting ALL of us.  And, when we call 911, we need a Cop with a gun coming to the call not a Social Worker.  Social Workers are fine once someone is apprehended; but not until then.  

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