Friday, June 11, 2021

Kamela Harris Is Not Ready To Be President

Let's just hope that a demented Joe Biden hangs on as long as possible because Kamela Harris is just not ready to be President.  Her recent trip to Guatemala was a disaster.  She told illegal aliens, Don't Come, because they will be turned away.  Really!  Biden put out the welcome mat.  The President of Guatemala blamed the Biden Administration for the recent surge of illegal aliens at our border.  Harris, who is supposed to be in charge of the mess at our border, refuses to go there to see the invasion happening. 

Kamela Harris is a light weight not because she is a woman of color; but because she just does not have the experience to be President.  I am not sure she has the temperament either.  When she gets pushed into a corner, we hear that hyena laugh because she just does not know what to say.  Imagine if she had to deal with the Presidents of Russia or China.  It is a pretty scary thought.  The woman is in way over her head.  

Please Joe, hang in there.  I have said many times that Joe Biden will not finish his first term.  They will either push him out using the 25th Amendment because of his dementia, he will be forced to resign because of Biden crime family corruption, or he will die a natural death.  Now I am starting to pray that none of these things happen because that thought of a President Harris is terrifying.  

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