Thursday, June 10, 2021

Crime & Murders In Atlanta, Georgia

The crime and murder rate in Atlanta is going through the roof as Socialists running the city are attempting to defund the police.  The people of Buckhead, the Beverly Hills of Atlanta have had it.  They want to break away and form their own police department to protect their residents.  This is the beginning of what happens in places like Brazil and other countries with very high crime rates.  What I saw in the wealthy parts of cities in Brazil was private protection.  Literally, in addition to homes being behind 20 foot high electrified stone walls with guard houses to enter the property, there were gun turrets at the end of each block with guards with AK - 47 assault rifles.   Brazil also has a problem with car jackings so people there drive around with armed guards.  

This crazy notion of defunding the police is leading to the highest murder rates in our country in decades.  The end result will be people living in gated communities with private security.  It is already happening.  This will leave the poor and middle class to fend for themselves.  This could be the reason gun sales continue to explode.  People know that calling 911 might not give them the protection they need from criminals prowling our streets.  

Defaming and attacking cops as part of the BLM movement is resulting in many retirements.  And cities cannot replace the cops that are quitting.  This will even get worse if the Socialists remove qualified immunity that protects cops from lawsuits, which will then happen with every arrest.  Who in their right might mind would want a job for $60,000 year risking their lives everyday only to be crucified if something goes wrong.  Today, for every Black person killed by cop in the line of duty, 3 White people are killed.  While all lives matter and every death is tragic, a cop has a split second to decide on the proper course of action.  Could some deaths be prevented; for sure.  But some deaths are unavoidable because cops are often dealing with armed, drugged out criminals in many cases.  

So what we see happening in Atlanta is no surprise.  We will see many areas hiring private security to protect their neighborhoods.  This will become a major HOA expense that people will gladly pay to feel safe in their own homes and neighborhoods.  


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