Sunday, June 6, 2021

Flip Flopper Fauci Covering For China

Dr. Fauci, the notorious flip flopper has been outed by 5,000 emails released as a result of the Freedom of Information Act.  Turns out Fauci told others that masks that we buy at drug store are of little value.  Yet for more than a year, Fauci who basically shut down our economy, destroyed millions of jobs and businesses has insisted that we all wear masks.  Some states are still in shut down mode and some stores and restaurants even in states that are open are still demanding that we wear masks as are the airlines.  We have had it with the masks particularly those of us that have been vaccinated. 

Next, from the beginning Fauci insisted that Covid was transmitted from Bats from the wet markets in China, where bats are sold to people for food.  They eat everything in China.   The saying goes, "if the back sees the sun, it is food".  Fauci attempted to cover for the Scientists who work for the Chinese Communist government in the Wuhan lab where Covid was probably created for military purposes.  Fauci committed perjury when he testified before Congress that he never funded this research with American money.  We know now that monies were provided to the Wuhan Lab that most likely did fund this research one way or another.   

Fauci has been busy writing his book to make money off of Covid.  This Flip Flopper has become a Fake News Super Star going around promoting his book.  Joe Biden will not FIRE Fauci; though that is what should happen.  Since Fauci is the highest paid person in government making over $400,000 a year just like the President, he won't quit because the gravy train is too good.  He may retire if members of Congress turn up the the heat making it so intense that Fauci will decide it is time to go.  

President Trump has called for $10 Trillion in reparations from China as a result of the economic chaos they have caused the world.  At a minimum, China should forgive all foreign debt they hold from all countries in the world.  The Chinese Communists will never allow outside investigation of Wuhan because they fear this liability, which could be actionable in the World Court in the Hague.  If China does not pay up, the United States should impose 100% tariffs on their goods coming into the United States.  This would both bring back jobs to the United States and punish China for the economic devastation and deaths they have caused.   

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