Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Trump Supporters Revolt In Washington DC

Several hundred thousand Trump supporters converged on Washington DC to peacefully protest the seating of Biden Electors to install Joe Biden, believed to be an illegitimate usurper as President.   Clearly half the country believes that the election was stolen from President Trump by voter fraud in 6 key states that altered their election rules without legislative approval.  Therefore Trump Supporters will never accept Biden as their President.  Sadly, their protest turned violent when a few hundred of them took over the Capitol building out of frustration with the system that has allowed voter fraud to persist.   

However, there is some evidence that Antifa was involved in the violence, which would not be surprising given their history.   Unfortunately,  a Trump supporter and unarmed woman from San Diego, a 14 year air force veteran was shot dead by Capitol Police.  We need more details on this killing.  Just imagine if this woman had been BLM.  There would be riots all over the country and demands to immediately prosecute the cop.  We do need to know the specifics of this killing to see if it was warranted.  And, there are many questions that must be answered about the Capitol Police failure to protect the building and the Members of Congress inside.   Given the potential for violence however small,  protestors should never been allowed anywhere near those Capitol steps.  Those responsible for management of the Capitol Police should be fired for this serious security breach.  

While what happened in DC is wrong, it should be no surprise.  Trump supporters see all the institutions of government failing to protect election integrity.  While many lawsuits were filed all the way to the Supreme Court, in many instances judges either refused to hear the cases, or outright just dismissed them without fully hearing the evidence.   In many ways, the Supreme Court is responsible for this riot for failing to take up the legitimate case led by the State of Texas. Republican State Legislatures in many of the contested states could have acted to declare their state elections invalid because of the obvious voter fraud, but refused to act.  Finally,  most gutless Republicans in Congress refused to fight for the Trump Presidency.  Further, Vice President Pence who had the authority under the Constitution to send this matter back to the contested states for further review, given all the charges of voter fraud is what should have occurred.   

All year, Trump supporters have watched Antifa and BLM Communist Thugs riot, loot and burn down cities without being condemned, arrested or punished.  Unfortunately, anarchy breeds more anarchy.  Violent protest appear to be the only way to get politicians to listen to the people on both the left and the right.  This is not an excuse for the insurrection that happened at the Capitol; but it is an explanation.  

Finally President Trump and by extension his Supporters have experienced 4 years of Fake News, Socialist and Deep State 7/24 TDS hatred and attacks.  So when Biden, the illegitimate usurper now calls for peace and healing after the last four years, it is truly laughable.  Politics has become war without the bullets.  The 2020 election was just one battle in the long war ahead to take back our country.  Donald Trump is not going away any time soon whether in or out of the White House.  Trump will lead the MAGA movement and revolution.  Expect to see massive protests continue all over the country as the National Socialists attempt to implement their Socialist Manifesto.  There will also be many lawsuits filed in an attempt to stop any Biden Executive Orders that are unconstitutional.  The fight has just begun.  The revolt at the Capitol is an indicator of what is coming.  No peace and certainly no healing.  


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