Sunday, January 3, 2021

Big Tech - Big Brother

There are about 100 US global companies that control 50% of our Gross Domestic Product.  So of our $21 Trillion economy, these 100 companies control about half of all the goods, products and services sold in the United States.  Just imagine!  This is far too much power in too few hands.  This will get even worse in the years ahead as thousands of small companies that could have provided some small degree of competition are gone because of government lock downs.  Since government continues to approve mergers and acquisitions without regard to this result,  these big companies just keep getting even bigger.  This is bad for competition and our democracy.

Of the most dangerous to our freedoms are Big Tech companies; Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Microsoft and others that use our information to implement data mining making them billions of dollars in profit each year.  They would argue that we get their services for "free".  Really?  That may have been true years ago when these companies were in development; but now the real question is why aren't  we being paid monthly for our information, which they are selling to make billions of dollars.  Our information, which is highly marketable is our property.  Yet they take it for free, sell it and we get nothing in the process; but the ability to Google topics of interest.  It is time for government to solve this problem.  Big Tech is stealing our information for their benefit.  

If that is not bad enough, Big Tech is now Big Brother along with Big Government that are spying on us.  They are monitoring where we are at all times.  They can see our buying habits, which is what they sell at our expense.  And worse, they now censor our thinking if they decide we are not in line with their politically correct identity politics and left wing ideology.  We have reached a very dangerous time in our history.  Congress must act first to break up all of these companies because they hold far too much power.   And then Congress must regulate these companies to prevent them from spying on us and censoring political thought.  We have let Big Brother into our homes, cars, cell phones etc.  Alexa, when turned on is always listening.   She is like having Big Brother watching everything we do in our homes.  We own Amazon's Alexa; but she is unplugged not just turned off unless we want to use her for Face Timing.  

George Orwell's 1984 is here only a thousand times worse than depicted in the book or movie.  All Americans regardless of political party should be united on this issue.  Big Tech has provided many wonderful features; but it has also evolved into evil requiring that we just stand up and say Enough!      

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