Monday, January 25, 2021

Censorship & The Cancel Culture

We have entered very dangerous times in the United States.  It is Germany in 1933 when Hitler and the National Socialists took power.   We have never seen anything like what is happening in our country.  The Deep State; National Socialists, RINOS, the 100 largest global US companies including Big Tech that control 50% of our Gross Domestic Product, the federal bureaucracy and Fake News are working together to censor the free speech of half the country; those that supported Donald Trump for President.  

But they are going even further.  They are out to destroy Trump Supporters; really everyone that does not march to their party line.  People are being fired, or denied employment.  They are attacking businesses in an attempt to put them out of business.  Publishers are refusing to publish books written by Conservative authors, or anyone that supported, or worked for the Trump Administration.  Next, we will see book burning because existing books that do not fit their left wing politically correct ideology will be deemed as hate speech.  It is coming.  Where is the American Civil Liberties Union and other liberal groups that always fought for freedom of speech.  Crickets. 

Instead, the Deep State is advancing Cancel Culture to revise history using Critical Race Theory and the 1619 Project, which declares that the United States was founded to support slavery as the basis for our nation.  Our Founding Fathers, among the greatest men who ever lived in world history are demonized.  Everything to these Fascists has a racial component.  In  their thinking, all White Men and even boys are automictically deemed racists.  They believe that Western Civilization is evil because it was the basis for slavery.  Forget about the fact that slavery existed for 5,000 years, all over the world, including in Africa, long before it came to America.  And that Native Americans, brown peoples, including the Aztecs, Incas, Mayas all had slaves.  This is certainly not to justify slavery that is evil where ever it existed,  but just a statement of historical fact. 

The Cancel Culture even destroys statues of Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant.  Lincoln of course issued the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863 that freed the slaves.  And, Grant sent in the army to the Southern States during Reconstruction to protect freed slaves from repression and murder by the Klan.  Naturally, in their twisted minds, Christopher Columbus is evil for coming to the New World because eventually it led to European colonization and slavery.  Forget about the fact that African Tribes actually captured and sold the slaves to the Europeans.  The Cancel Culture practices selective history predicated on hate for White people.  History should show the good, bad and ugly of all peoples if truth is the objective; but that is not happening today.  

Half the country that is being persecuted must stand up and say NO.  Though the outcome will be uncertain, we must use the courts when needed to protect our rights.  We cannot allow Fake News to continue 7/24 propaganda and hatred.  We must speak truth to power.  Too many people have died to preserve the rights of all Americans.  We have to fight Cancel Culture at every level of our society, or we will lose our freedoms.  We cannot allow that to happen.  

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