Friday, January 22, 2021

Abortion Evil - Worse Than The Holocaust

On January 22, 1973 the Supreme Court decided in Roe V. Wade in a 7 - 2 decision that a woman's right to abortion was allowed under the 14th Amendment of the United States Constitution protecting privacy rights.  While the ruling did make abortion the law of the land, it allowed for certain reasonable restrictions enacted by the states.  The end result has been more than 70 million abortions to date in our country.  This is worse than the Holocaust when 6 million Jews and others were murdered by the NAZI's.  

Unfortunately, many common sense restrictions have been challenged and struck down by various courts so that today, the National Socialists, RINO's, Certain Women's Groups, Fake News and Deep State Government bureaucracy demand the right to abortion right up until birth and if the baby survives the abortion infanticide even after.   This is so evil that it can only be termed the devil's work.  Joe Biden will sign an Executive Order allowing the American government to fund abortions overseas.  It is not bad enough that we murder babies in the United States, the National Socialists want taxpayers to fund abortions overseas too.  

The technology we have today did not exist when Roe V. Wade was decided.   As grandparents we have seen our grandchildren progress in the womb from one week after conception.  At 8 weeks, we have heard the heart beat.  At three months, we have seen a fully formed baby not some glob of fetal tissue.  There is no doubt that abortion is the killing of an innocent baby.  And, by five months that baby is viable outside the womb.  

Planned Parenthood formed in 1916 is the nation's largest provider of abortions under the guise of providing women's health care services.  It is also an international organization supporting abortion overseas. Today Planned Parenthood generates about $1.3 billion of revenues more than $500 million of which comes from the federal government. Of the one million plus abortions performed each year, Planned Parenthood implements about 350,000.  As the nation's largest abortion mill, it is their largest revenue source.   Their new President said recently that they should just admit they are in business to perform abortions rather than hide from their crimes.   It is no accident that Planned Parenthood has many locations in minority communities.  36% of the abortions they perform end up killing Black babies.  This is far worse than Black on Black Crime and Blacks killed by cops.  

Planned Parenthood's founder Margaret Sanger was a racist believer in eugenics. Sanger determined that abortion was the way to deal with peoples of lesser intelligence in order to breed out less desirable characteristics in human beings.  Remember the time period, 1916.  Eugenics was the basis for NAZI ideology that comes along in 1933 in Europe.  And, we know the end of that story.  

Abortion is a brutal crime against humanity.  Late term abortion cannot be done using the suction method.  Instead the abortionist must use clamps to literally rip the baby apart piece by piece.  The baby parts are then laid out on a table to make sure the entire baby has been extracted from the womb.  It is then that Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics sell the baby parts for medical research.  Since radicals support abortion right up until birth and even after, viable babies are being murdered.  Is is sick and disgusting.  

This is one of those issues where we have irreconcilable differences.   How can those who are pro life ever compromise on this issue of murdering innocent babies.  While a case can be made that abortion before a heart beat should be permissible at around 8 weeks gestation; once there is heart beat, there is no doubt that a human being is being killed.   Funny, the Socialists always talk about following the science; but that concept is never applied to abortion.  The good news is that half the country is opposed to unrestricted abortion.  The court cases will continue.  Now that there is a conservative majority on the Supreme Court just maybe we will see some common sense restrictions approved.  The notion of abortion right up until birth and even after is a heinous crime against humanity.  

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