Monday, January 11, 2021

Germany in 1933 - History Is Repeating Itself

Adolf Hitler was elected as the Chancellor of Germany in January, 1933 as head of the National Socialist Party (NAZI's).  Exactly one month later on February 27, 1933, the Reichstag building, the German Parliament was set on fire by an arsonist.  The NAZI's accused the Communists of attacking their Capitol building.  Hitler immediately declared a state of emergency and used the attack on their Capitol building as a pretext to suspend their democracy.  In essence, Hitler declared Marshall Law and the German dictatorship was born.  There is some thinking that is was actually NAZI's who set the building on fire.  We know the rest of the story and it did not end well for the whole world.  

History is repeating itself in the United States.  A small mob of a few hundred people presumably most or all of whom were Trump supporters attacked the United States Capitol Building.  The Capitol Police failed miserably to ensure the security of the building and Members of Congress.  It appears that two people were killed; one an unarmed protester, and one a member of the Capitol Police Force.  4 others died of some medical complications during the attack.  No members of the US House or Senate were injured the process. 

A crime was committed and those that committed it must be prosecuted.  The same should be true for Antifa and BLM Terrorists that have spent the last year rioting, looting and burning down our cities; but the National Socialist Fascist Party makes excuses for those crimes.  In any case, now the 7/24 Trump Haters for the last four years, the Socialists, RINOS, Fake News and the Deep State have determined that Trump must be destroyed because of this attack on the Capitol.  Trump in no way told this mob to commit this crime; but it does not matter, he asked them to come to Washington to exercise their First Amendment rights to protest a fraudulent election.  I their demented minds that makes Trump guilty of insurrection.  

But it gets more ominous.  Now all Trump Supporters, 75 million Americans that legally voted for Trump must be punished for daring to question the election results.  They must be fired from their jobs.  Their businesses must be closed down.  They must be censored from all social platforms.  As such, if they don't tow the National Socialist Fascist Party line, they cannot be allowed to speak in public.  Some Major corporations will not support any Republican candidates that oppose Trump's destruction and or question the integrity of the last election.

We have reached perhaps the most dangerous times in our history.  If these things are allowed to continue, our democracy is dead.  It will lead to the dissolution of the United States.  We must use the courts to push back on the limits to our freedoms, but given the history of the courts, there is no guarantee that our rights will be protected.  If the courts do not enforce the Bill of Rights in the US Constitution, the United States of America will fall apart.  The Red States will be forced to secede, hopefully peacefully.  The alternative would be Germany in 1933 and we can't allow that to happen.     

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