Thursday, January 21, 2021

Americans In Revolt - Democracy Is Broken

The Deep State ruling class in America; National Socialists, RINOS, the 100 largest global companies including Big Tech that control 50% of our GDP, the Federal Bureaucracy and Fake News better heed the warning signs they are seeing on the streets of our cities.  BLM and Antifa are Communists out to over throw our government.   They have been promised "free" everything by the Socialists and when it doesn't happen, they will become even more violent.  They are now attacking Joe Biden; so this was not about Donald Trump.  Our country is starting to feel like Russia in 1917 when the Tsar was overthrown by the Communists because income inequality then and now very is real.  

The extreme right in America and they are not all White Supremist, or racists see themselves as patriotic Americans fighting for their God given rights.   They take the Bill of Rights in the Constitution seriously.  When they see limitations on freedom of speech and religion and when the Socialists speak of taking their guns,  it sets in motion revolutionary zeal very similar to the what happened during the American revolution.  'Remember the yellow flag during the Revolution with the snake that said, "Don't Tread on Me".  That is their motto.  What the extreme left and extreme right have in common is the desire to overthrow the Deep State oligarchy controlling our country.  

These are very dangerous times.  If the ruling class acts to repress these peoples, they invite open revolt.  Ironically, the extreme left and the extreme right are reacting to each other.    People in fly over country will not accept the Politically Correct Cancel Culture ideology that is being shoved down their throats.  These are people that believe in faith, traditional families and values and good old fashioned American patriotism.  So the Deep State better moderate all the PC BS that is turning into a litmus test and is being taught in our public school.  All it does is inflame people in fly over country.

And, specific to the extreme left, the Socialists better stop promising Entitlements that are never going to happen because there is not enough wealth in the whole country to pay for them.  The Socialists are creating expectations that cannot be met.  This will lead to violence and more rioting, looting and burning down our cites that eventually must lead to suppression.  It still happening even though Donald Trump is gone.  

We need government reform.  We must have term limits to help end the corruption in the DC Swamp.  We must have election integrity or our democracy is dead.  Those 100 global companies must be broken up.   They have too much power in too few hands.  Big Tech must be regulated to prevent the censorship they are imposing.  The Deep State must stop attacking MAGA supporters.  Continuing to do so will only radicalize believers.  The censorship must stop.  If the Deep State ruling class doesn't act to address the concerns of the people, we will see more insurrection.   It is inevitable.  

And, we could end up in a second Civil War between the extreme left and extreme right.  We can't let that happen because it will lead to incredible violence and the dissolution of the United States.  The attack on the Capitol should be a wake up call and not just a government call to arms.  Antifa and BLM Revolutionaries must be taken seriously, which the National Socialists and Fake News refuses to do.  They are the far bigger threat to our country than the extreme Right fighting for our Bill of Rights  


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