Friday, January 1, 2021

2021 - What To Expect

No one is sorry to see 2020 end.  It has been the most miserable year we have probably seen since the Great Depression only worse with thousands of people dying of Covid.  So what is ahead for 2021.  First, it is very unlikely that most Americans will receive the Covid vaccine much before next summer.  That means we are likely to see many more Covid cases and deaths.  I encourage everyone reading this blog posting to talk to your doctor about getting the Malaria Pill cocktail to have on hand just in case you get symptoms of Covid.  For it to be effective, it must be taken at first symptoms.  The key is to avoid the hospital and pneumonia at all cost.  

Given all of that, it will probably take about two years for the economy and things to get back to normal once Covid is conquered; but it will not be the same old normal.   Many more small businesses will go out of business in 2021 without significantly more government assistance.  This will mean that big businesses are likely to get even bigger.  However, the Socialists are likely to come to the rescue with another trillion dollar plus stimulus bill; but what they really want is bail outs for the Blue states that are hemorrhaging.  This is all assuming Joe Biden is sworn in as President on January 20th.  If so, we will also see a major push to raise taxes and implement job killing regulations regardless of who controls the Senate.  The Socialists will also push for the Green New Deal, which will destroy our economy.  

Hopefully, these back to the future job killers will not succeed; but if these things are put in place, they will retard economic growth for years the same as they did during the Obama Biden eight years.  We can expect a big drop in the Stock Market if Biden is able to do any of these things.  The Republican State Attorney Generals will use the courts in an attempt to stop crazy unconstitutional laws and Executive Orders from wrecking our lives; but given some of the dangerous court rulings we have seen lately; no guarantees even with Trump judges in place.  The fact that even Trump judges refused to deal with Election Integrity issues is the telling tale.  The courts are allowing Joe Biden to win by voter fraud, which is unbelievable.  It just proves that the courts are part of the Deep State Swamp, which should be no surprise to anyone.  

Next Zoom is not going away any time soon.  Now that millions of people have been successful working from home in 2020 using Zoom, or other software to communicate for collaboration; the trend that was happening anyway will continue and grow.  Further, it will mean less need for commercial office space and business travel, which will have a big impact on those industries.  People have expanded their use of ordering everything for home delivery.  This means more business for Amazon and other on line retailers and the end of many brick and mortar stores; especially small businesses.  Most likely 400,000 restaurants and 25,000 retail stores have closed permanently in 2020 already.  More will close in 2021.

Finally, this Blogger does not believe that Joe Biden will be President for more than 12 months.  His demise will come one of three ways.  Biden could just die suddenly.  He has dealt with brain aneurisms, which are life threatening.  Or, all of a sudden the Socialists and Fake News will start to notice Biden's dementia, which is real.  The thought of having the first half Black woman President is just too much for them to resist.  Kamela Harris, the Black Widow will start the process to use the 25th Amendment to remove Biden from office.  Poor Joe is just too far gone to see this train coming; but it will come and it will run him over.  Finally and least likely, there is the Biden Crime Family Scandal just sitting out there waiting to explode on him forcing him to resign for corruption.  I put this option as third in line because the Deep State protects their own.  We have seen it time and again during the Trump years.  There are just too many implicated feeding at the trough; but if it gets really bad, it too is a possibility. 

2021 will be a good bad year.  The election will never be over.  Trump may leave the White House a few days before the inauguration; but he will immediately start working on 2022 and 2024.  Biden is going to get the same 7/24 resistance and hatred that was given to Trump.  Now we can call it Biden Derangement Syndrome (BDS) because half the country sees Biden as illegitimate. Biden is not as tough as Trump.  Though Fake News is on Biden's side until they turn on him; I doubt very much that Biden can withstand the heat that Trump got from the day he and Melania came down that escalator.  Biden will have Trump looking over his shoulder at every turn as a shadow government.    There will be no healing; just one more fight in a battle that will continue to Make America Great Again.  

Trump owns the Republican Party.  Those Republicans that were disloyal will be primaried.  Trump will turn on them without mercy.  They will be positioned as Deep State RINOS that have to go.  The process is already starting.  Hang on to your hats.  The road ahead will be bumpy; but entertaining.  

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