Wednesday, January 13, 2021

The Future Of The Republican Party

Country Club Establishment Republicans have hated Donald Trump since the day he came down the escalator in 2015 to announce that he was running for President.  Ironically, though Trump owns various country clubs, he is not a member of their "Club".  In their wildest dreams, they could never imagine that Trump would get the nomination let alone win the Presidency.  Our course, these are the same people that lost the Presidency when Bush 1 lost to Clinton and John McCain and Mitt Romney lost to Barack Obama.  And, the fact is that George W Bush won by just a hanging chad when he ran against Al Gore to come back four years later and beat John Kerry by just a hair.  

Establishment Republicans have always been the party of Big Business and Wall Street supporting free trade, endless wars and open borders to benefit them.  It was Donald Trump, the billionaire Populist Outsider that put together the MAGA coalition of working people, small business, fair traders, pro lifers, Evangelicals, gun owners, those that support law and order, secure borders and the military etc. etc.  Most important, Establishment Republicans like the Socialists in office now are America Last proponents that stood by as 70,000 factories were closed and millions of jobs were shipped overseas.  These were also the politicians that got us into endless wars.  Donald Trump proclaimed that it should be America First in our foreign dealing as he insisted that our allies start paying their fair share for their national defense.   

Even though he is rich, Donald Trump was not a member of the ruling class.  As a Populist Outsider who could not be bought, they determined that they had to destroy Trump and they are still working on it.  The problem for the Republican Party is that they cannot win without the MAGA coalition.  If Trump decides to take his marbles and voters with him, basically the base of the Republican Party, the current Establishment Republican Party will continue to lose elections and or go the way of the Whigs if Trump forms a third party.  The reality is that the Deep State really does not care if Socialists or Republicans win elections as long as they can control them.  They know that they can get what they want from either party as long as they can control those in office by big money contributions to allow all of them to continue feeding at the trough.  

If the Republican Party does not defend the Trump Presidency, Trump voters will walk.  The current Impeachment Circus and kangaroo court is the Republican Establishment's last chance.  Socialists in the House with a 10 Republican votes has impeached the President for the second time.  Most Republicans in the House wisely stood with Trump.  Odds are Impeachment will just die an ugly death there. If the Socialists attempt a trial in the Senate after Trump leaves office with the support of Republicans, which may not even be Constitutional and would be challenged, they will burn bridges to the base of the party forever.  Once those bridges are burned, it is likely that the base of the party will abandon Establishment Republicans once and for all.  This will probably lead to an all out war of primaries to rid the Republican Party of RINOS,  and or if unsuccessful, a third party MAGA Movement led by Donald Trump and those Republicans loyal to him will take shape.  MAGA is not going away.  Savvy Republicans better get on the MAGA train to maintain the coalition.  Without the coalition, Republicans will lose elections and be no more.  

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