Thursday, January 28, 2021

Enemies of the State - Republican Members of Congress

National Socialist Speaker of the House Fancy Nancy Pelosi is pushing through funding to provide for more security for members of Congress including the purchase of bullet proof vests.  This is probably a good idea because the country is so divided and there are no doubt demented people who would be a threat to political leaders of both parties, including the President.  However, the enemies of the state that Pelosi fears and has in mind are Republican members of Congress.   It is probably true that Republicans, whether in Congress or not own guns for self protection; but if we are at the point in our country that members of Congress are a threat to each other, then we are headed toward the dissolution of the United States. 

And then, stupid girl Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, (AOC), the dumbest Socialist member of Congress, after Mad Max Waters, proclaimed that Republican Members of Congress are all White Supremists because they don't support her hair brained Socialist Schemes.  She has also accused Republican Senator Ted Cruz of attempted murder because he supported an audit of election results.  It is true that half the country has irreconcilable differences with the other half the country on virtually every issue and that we have never more divided since the Civil War; but how can members of Congress work together when this moron continues saying the things she says daily.  When are the adults in the Socialist Party going to cut Cortez off at the knees for the good of their own party and the country.  Let's not forget that because of big mouths like Cortez, the Socialists lost as many as 15 seats in the last election, when they thought they would gain seats. The Socialist now control the House by a slim majority and with Biden killing jobs, they are likely to lose the House in 22.  

The Censorship and Cancel Culture we are seeing implemented by the Deep State daily to silence and destroy people and businesses is going to be the end of our country if it continues.  The half the country that is being persecuted will say bye bye and insist on Red States seceding from the union.  If we don't have election integrity and get back to our Constitution and Bill of Rights to protect everybody's freedoms, we are in for some very difficult times ahead.  It is feeling like Germany in 1933 and Russia before that in 1917.  The Deep State better wake up and see this train coming.  

The notion that the country and its elected officials must be protected from its own people is not a good sign.  When this happens revolutions occur including the American Revolution.  The Deep State better address the issues causing dissatisfaction on the left and the right.  It is time to deal with rampant  corruption.  We definitively need term limits for members of Congress to stop the feeding at the trough. These are dangerous times.  The powers that be better wake up and see what they are doing very wrong and not just hire more security guards.  

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