Sunday, January 31, 2021

Immigration Reform - Dead On Arrival

Presidents since Ronald Reagan have tried to achieve Immigration Reform and failed.  Reagan agreed to amnesty for millions of Illegal Aliens and was supposed to get border security in exchange, which never happened.  Bush 2 tried to work with Congress to achieve Immigration Reform and it went no where.  Obama did not even try.  Obama did give status to DACA kids so called Dreamers, the children of Illegal Aliens not born in the United States.  So here we go again.  

Joe Biden the leader of the National Socialists has stopped the building of the wall again killing jobs in the process.  The end result will be an Open Border and millions of dollars in cancellation fees in the contracts to build the wall.  The Caravans, organized by the Communist front group, Pueblo Sin Fronteras (Towns without Borders) headquartered in Chicago and believed to be funded by George Soros is already working to march thousands of Illegal Aliens to our border.  And, Biden has stopped detention in Mexico while they wait for fake asylum status.  That means we are going back to Catch and Release aided by the Catholic Church and other organizations so that Illegal Aliens will be released into our country awaiting a court date 2 - 4 year from now.  Of course, they never show up.  We have been down this road many times.  

Biden wants a path to citizenship for 11 million Illegal Aliens in our country with many more on the way.  The Republicans will insist on securing the border first, which means finishing the last 400 miles of the Wall.  The National Socialists want Open Borders because they sees these Illegal Aliens as voters for them.  The Republicans logically want a merit based immigration system to allow in skills sets needed in our country, not just more illiterate poor people with no needed jobs skills that just drive wages down for poor people.  That is why the National Socialists want the $15 minimum wage because they know that Open Borders drives wages down for their Peeps.   The end result is impasse.  As long as the filibuster in the Senate is in place, which for now anyway seems likely, the National Socialists do not have the votes to pass the kind of Immigration Reform that they are demanding.  So forget about it.  Immigration Reform is dead on arrival.  

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