Friday, January 8, 2021

National Socialism & The Old Democrat Party

The old Democrat Party is now officially the Socialist Party of America.  In effect, they support National Socialism, which is actually Fascist not Communist in nature.  It is no coincidence that Adolf Hitler called his movement, the National Socialist Party (NAZI's).  Fascism allows for private enterprise controlled by the state through mandates, regulations, tax policy and huge government contracts.   This is the reason big German companies, many still around today, supported Hitler until the end of the Third Reich.  They were making the equivalent of billions of dollars on government contracts.  They went along to get rich.  

The same thing is happening now in the US as the 100 largest global companies, headquartered in our nation get billions of dollars of local, state and federal government business.   In exchange, they support the Green New Deal and PC Identity Politics, which are the basis for National Socialism in the United States.   The Socialists have taken over the Unions, Hollywood and Academia.  Big Tech censors any political thought that does not support National Socialism.  They are in the process of banning Conservatives and Trump supporters, including Trump himself from having access to social media.    Recently, the National Socialist in the House of Representatives banned any words used in House business that are not gender neutral.  So no more mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, grandmothers, grandfathers etc.   The thought police are alive and well throughout the United States

Next will come burning of the books and elimination of anything on line that is not in line with the Cancel Culture out to destroy our history and deny the greatness of Western Civilization.  We are already seeing the statues of American heroes and others, not just Confederate Generals, being taken down.  Anyone who disagrees with their Fascist ideology will be prosecuted for a Hate Crime.  These things are already happening around the world in Socialist countries and are coming to America.  

We are entering very dangerous times in our country.   We need Republican leaders in Congress and in local and state governments that will fight for our freedoms, not gutless RINOS that will surrender them to the Fascists.  Those of us that support the Constitution and the Bill of Rights must organize.  We must be prepared to take to the streets not to riot, loot and commit arson; but to make our voices heard on every key issue.  We must push back on National Socialism to prevent Fascism from prevailing in our country.  There will be many battles ahead including the elections of 2022 and 2024 and court cases to fight for our rights.  Gutless Republicans must be primaried.  Fortunately, President Trump, our President is not going away.   Trump will lead the charge in the next four years.  Get ready to fight for our freedoms and our country to MAGA.  

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