Monday, January 4, 2021

Socialist Gender Identity Politics - Stupid Is As Stupid Does

As one of the first acts of the 117th Congress, the Socialist run House of Representatives led by Fancy Nancy Pelosi as the Speaker of the House enacted new rules that ban all gender specific terminology from the workings of the House.   We have reached a new level of stupid just when we thought it could not get any worse.  So though I am sure that anyone with a brain will ignore these rules,  members of Congress can no longer say Founding Fathers.  I guess they will have to say Founding People, or Persons.  They cannot reference Sons, Daughters, Brothers, Sisters, Mothers, Fathers, Uncles or Aunts.  The new Fascist designations yet to be specified will have to be established for any word that denotes male or female.  In addition, we can longer say Latino because the "o" at the end of the word makes it masculine.  Instead, the PC crowd is now saying LatinX in spite of protects from Latinos.  

But this could get even worse,   Now that we have LGBTQIA, which stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgender,  Questioning, or Queer, Intersex and Asexual, I suppose there will have to be new terminology when referring to any of these people so designated.  When this Blogger first saw all of this, I had to Google it because once we got passed LGBT, I was clueless.  All we need to do is add H for Heterosexual though there could be lots of variations if we add in race, not to be confused with Homosexual and D for Dead to cover all of the options.  First, why is sexual orientation anybody's business and second I could care less what people call themselves; but we have reached ridiculous.  

No doubt, this insanity has already made its way into our public schools and universities where children are often being taught that they can be any sex they want regardless of their body design.  While it is true in people's minds, they can practice whatever sexual orientation they feel inclined toward, unless they have a sex change operation, they are biologically either a man/boy or a woman/girl.  And, further as this crap makes its way into the workplace particularly at the major companies where they implement all of this Politically Correct Stupidity, management will face litigation if God forbid, we get it wrong in any way.  Wait a minute, I said God.  I guess the word is ok because I have not specified any particular gender, or sexual orientation though most faiths see God as a Male figure in a flowing white robe with a beard.  But who is to say, God could be a woman, or any of the other designations with a beard in a flowing multi-colored robe.  How would anybody know for sure what's under the robe.  

By the way, we need a new title for the Pope because that word is a derivative of Papa, often in English referenced as Holy Father.  We could call the Pope, Holy Being, Holy Person, or how about Holy Highness.  We are going down the road to political insanity.  It can only lead to even more stupidity.  

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