Saturday, January 16, 2021

Big Tech - Big Business Thought Police

We are facing very dangerous times in the United States.  Big Tech and Big Business have determined that if we don't adhere to politically correct identity politics and the Cancel Culture, that we must be banned from society.  And the half the country that supports President Trump must be punished and cleansed of our White Supremist ideology.  This is nonsense.  These people are both dangerous and crazy.  This is Germany in 1933 when Adolf Hitler used the burning of the Reichstag, the German Parliament as an excuse to impose National Socialism and a Fascist dictatorship on Germany.  As it turns out, in addition to Trump supporters that attacked the Capitol, so far one left wing Antifa/BLM agitator has been charged.  I suspect there will be more.  

Though it started long before the attack on the Capitol, we are facing the Big Tech and Big Business Thought Police as people are being fired from their jobs and businesses are being destroyed for doing nothing more than supporting Election Integrity and Donald Trump.  Anyone impacted  should sue because these companies have created a hostile work environment predicated on political thought.  What we are seeing is a thousand times worse than what happened with Senator Joe McCarthy in the 1950's when black lists were developed to identify Communists in our country who could never work again.  Many of them were sent to jail before the terror stopped.  

First, it is very clear that both Big Tech included in the 100 largest global companies in the United States that control 50% of our GDP must be broken up.  This is just too much power in too few hands.  Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 1996 that protects Big Tech from liability must be repealed.  We also need to deactivate Twitter, Face Book and Instagram to hit them were it hurts, their revenue streams.  Apple and Amazon as well are part of this Gestapo consortium.  It is bad enough the government controls all aspects of daily life; but now the notion that these companies have so much power over people is just unacceptable and dangerous.  

There will need to be class action lawsuits to protect our freedoms.  And, there must also be anti trust lawsuits to stop the predatory monopolistic practices that we are seeing to destroy competition.   We must also demand that we be paid for our data, which these companies monetize through data mining.  They are making billions of dollars in profit every year by selling our data.  We should be paid for giving them access if we do choose to use their platforms.  

The Bill of Rights of the US Constitution is in jeopardy.  All of our freedoms are under attack by these modern day Thought Police supported by Socialists and Fake News.  While there are no guarantees of success because the courts have proved to be part of the Deep State, we must organize and use the legal system to fight back with class action lawsuits.  We must also demand that our elected representatives take action to deal with these attacks on our freedoms.  This may involve more peaceful protests all over the country; but there is no other choice.  We must make our voices heard loud and clear.  

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