Thursday, January 7, 2021

Mike Pence - Just Another Deep State RINO

Rather than seating the Biden Electors from contested states, Vice President Mike Pence had the Constitutional authority to send any of the contested states back to their state legislatures for review and recertification.  This would not have been Pence choosing Electors, but it would given the state legislatures of Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona and Nevada another opportunity to review allegations of fraud in their states.  Those legislatures, all controlled by Republicans, except for Nevada, could have done nothing to change the outcome in favor of Biden, or they could have sent an alternative slate of Electors presumably in favor of Trump if they determined that their state election laws were violated, which was the case.   

Mike Pence instead just proved to be another gutless RINO Deep State Swamp Lizard now applauded by the Socialists and Fake News for his betrayal of President Trump.   So, Mike Pence is now over.  He has no future in the Republican Party.  If Pence ever thought he could run for President as a Republican in 2024, assuming one of the Trumps does not run, Pence can forget about it.  The betrayal we have seen by Pence and other Republicans is disqualifying.  Mike Pence has already announced that he will be going to the Biden Inauguration, which is fine.  I am sure he will be welcomed and applauded as a compliant RINO.

After the dust settles, Trump supporters will expect no less than a complete change in the leadership of the Republican Party both at the federal and state levels.   First we need term limits to get rid of RINO and Socialist dinosaurs.  Mitch McConnell especially has to go.   McConnell cost the Republicans the state of Georgia.  Further, it is so clear to the 74 million Trump voters that these RINOS are only interested in staying in power to continue feeding at the trough.  They don't really support the MAGA coalition and agenda.  Traditionally, these RINOS have been loyal to Wall Street and Big Business not Main Street.  These are the same characters that did nothing as 5 million jobs were being shipped to China, Mexico and other countries after 70,000 US factories were shut down.   

As a result, RINOS can't win national and some state wide elections because they are unable to forge a broad coalition of voters the way Trump has done.   Gutless RINOS like McCain and Romney just did not connect with the American people, which gave us 8 years of Obama.  The reality is that it took four years of non-stop 7/24 Trump Derangement Syndrome hatred by the Deep State, Socialists, RINOS and Fake News to end the Trump Presidency and even then, they had to use voter fraud to win.  It is just too bad that Mike Pence ended up being part of their cabal and treachery.  Pence is now officially over!  Pence will end up on corporate Boards and probably as a commentator on one of the Fake News channels.  They love RINOS.  

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