Sunday, January 10, 2021

National Socialist Fascists Hate Half of America

The old Democrat Party is now the National Socialist Fascist Party supported by Big Business and Big Tech.  The NSFP hates half of America.  They along with the RINOS in the Republican Party are scared to death of the 75 million Americans that voted for Donald Trump.  As a result, they believe they must destroy Donald Trump because they know that he has the power to rise again and or to lead the MAGA Movement against them.  The NSFP is well aware that most of the country is actually controlled by Republican Conservatives as evidenced by the fact that so many state legislatures and Governors are in the hands of Republicans.  Even the US House and Senate are basically evenly divided.  

As such, the NSFP at the federal and state levels will do everything they can to prosecute Trump in some way to make it impossible for him to run again in 2024.  RINOS want Trump out of the way too so they can just go back to feeding at the trough.  Now, they are even talking about Impeaching Trump after he leaves office in a few weeks; which seems impossible.  How can a President be impeached and be removed from office when he is no longer in office.  However, rather than going after the Biden Crime family, which now will not happen, the Biden Deep State FBI and DOJ will attempt to prosecute Trump on whatever charges they can concoct.  This train has already on the track. 

The NSFP is intent on making the United States a Socialist nation and half the country stands in the way.  So since politics is war without the bullets, they will do anything they can to destroy the half the country that opposes them.  Certainly in the mix is eliminating our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights.  Freedom of thought is now under threat as a result of identify politics with approved words and terminology and revised Cancel Culture History.  Big Tech is censoring Conservatives and outright banning us from their platforms.  That will fail ultimately because Trump and or others can just create a platform that will gain in strength as people quit all the existing Socialist Platforms.  Next, if allowed, they will come after our guns.  The NSFP fears an armed populace.  One of the first things Communist and Socialist countries do is prohibit private gun ownership.  

The attack on the Capitol Building scared the hell out of them.  While of course it was wrong and the mob should be prosecuted,  the NSFP will use it as an excuse to make owning a gun impossible.   Just wait, we will see legislation this year to limit or eliminate the ability to own a gun and even some RINOS will vote for it.  

The Trump Derangement Syndrome we saw for the last 4 years was really about the hatred that the Establishment feels for half the country.  Trump was a Populist not a traditional country club Republican owned by Big Business.  The Republican Establishment tolerated Trump because he helped many of them stay if office to continue feeding at the trough.   As soon as they could using the attack on the Capitol as an excuse many of them turned on him including Vice President Mike Pence.  

Their problem is the base of the Republican Party supports Donald Trump.  They are hoping if Trump is destroyed that the base will come back to them.  Forget about it.  It is not going to happen because we now know better.  We see the Deep State Swamp and corruption.  We are not going back to their Republican Party.  And, if they persist, there is likely to a MAGA Movement Third Party led by Donald Trump.  Remember, the Republican Party replaced the Whig Party when Abraham Lincoln was elected as the first Republican President.  It could happen again.  

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