Thursday, January 14, 2021

National Socialists Impeachment Circus - Dangerous Precedent

Prior to the recent Impeachment circus, there have been three Impeachment proceedings in American History.  The first involved Andrew Johnson, who was impeached by the House for removing a cabinet officer; but not convicted by the Senate.  This case was actually challenged in court years later and was ruled unconstitutional.  It was politically motivated and had no basis in the rule of law.  The second involved Bill Clinton for his sexual misconduct and resulting perjury.  Clinton was impeached by the House; but not convicted by the Senate.  Clinton was disbarred for his actions.  The third impeachment proceeding concerned Donald Trump's phone call to the President of Ukraine inquiring about the Biden Crime Family's activities in Ukraine.  Trump was impeached by the House  in this politically motivated circus, but not convicted by the Senate. 

And finally as the fourth Impeachment circus, Donald Trump was impeached a second time by the National Socialists and 10 Republican accomplices in the House for presumably inciting the attack on the Capitol Building with absolutely no proof.  Listening to Trump's attackers culminates 4 years of Trump Derangement Syndrome Hatred like nothing we have ever seen in American History.  The accusatory poisonous venom that came out of their mouths was truly disgusting.  While all the other Impeachment proceedings occurred after days of hearings, witnesses and deliberations, this recent circus was concluded in just 7 hours on the House floor. 

The National Socialists will rue the day they did this.   They now have set a precedent that when the party in power in the House dislikes a President of the opposing party really for any reason. not just the ones prescribed in the Constitution governing Impeachment; treason or high crimes and misdemeanors, all they must do is file Articles of Impeachment and vote to impeach the President.  Of course, in this particular case, there was no due process. Further, the investigation into what actually occurred in this attack on the Capitol and who was responsible has not even been completed.  

In fact, the FBI reported that they were aware of the possibility of this attack the day before it happened and warned the Capitol Police to be prepared.  Apparently, there were some Capitol Police that were complicit actually allowing the rioters in the doors.   Now we find out that at least one Antifa BLM Terrorist has been charged.  Of course, we will never hear that on Fake News or from the Socialists because the truth does not fit their narrative.  There is a lot more to this story than we know about today. 

The National Socialists and their supporters could care less about the facts and damage they are doing to our country.  No wonder the approval rating for Congress is only at 13%.  Of course nothing will come of this second Trump Impeachment.  It his highly doubtful that there will be trial in the Senate after Trump leaves office because it would be challenged as unconstitutional.  How can a President be removed from office who is no longer in the office.  However, these hate mongers will probably try to implement a trial further dividing our country.  The fact is that the National Socialists, RINOS, Fake News and the Deep State all fear Trump and the 75 million Americans that voted for him.  They know that Trump is not going away any time soon.  They are determined to destroy Trump and many of his supporters by any means possible.  They will fail.  

But now that this precedent is out of the bag, a new Republican Congresswoman, Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia intends to file Articles of Impeachment against Joe Biden on January 21 the day after he takes office for his role in the Biden Crime Family Pay to Play Schemes.  Real crimes have actually been committed.  Nothing will come of it as long as Nancy Pelosi and the Socialists are in charge of the House; but in 2022 when the Republicans take control of the House, they will cite this Impeachment circus to go after Joe Biden.  The day will come.  Justice will be done.  What these Socialists always fail to understand is that they will get what they gave.  

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