Saturday, January 9, 2021

Fake News, National Socialists & RINOS Are Responsible For The Violence On Our Streets

This Blogger participated in Tea Party Protests in DC during the Obama Administration.   There was no violence and we left the Capitol cleaner than the way we found it.  It was just thousands of patriotic, primarily Conservative Americans protesting Obama's policies.  Trump supporters have participated in hundreds of Trump rallies in the last 5 years, again including this Blogger.  At no time was there any violence.  This is why I am very suspicious of the violence we just saw at the DC protest involving several hundred thousand people, with a just few hundred breaking into the Capitol building.  Many believe that Antifa Terrorists infiltrated the protest, which would not be surprising given their history of rioting, looting and burning down cities.  If not them, then a small group other trouble makers.  

This is why the FBI and other law enforcement agencies must bring clarity to these crimes.  Trump supporters are patriotic Americans carrying American flags.  We don't riot, loot and burn down cities.  It would make perfect sense for Antifa, or some other crazy group to create havoc in order to smear President Trump and the MAGA Movement.  And of course, Fake News, National Socialists and RINOS just love it because it fits their narrative.  Now they are calling for Trump to be impeached, or for Vice President Pence to use the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office, which Pence has said he will not do, even though Trump only has a few days left to his term for supposedly inciting the riot; none of which is true.  Of course, both options are ridiculous and will not occur, since neither can be done in the timeframe remaining in Trump's term in office.  It is just more of the same National Socialist, RINO and Fake New TDS Hatred that we have seen 7/24 for 4 years.  But the Socialists will actually try to impeach Trump once he leaves office; which is ridiculous.  Their hatred is so great that they are determined to act on it!

These people have divided our country to the breaking point never so much as since the Civil War.  They ignore Antifa and BLM Terrorist rioting, looting and burning down our cities for months and point to one instance of inexcusable violence at the Capitol that may have been another Antifa, or crazy other group attack.  Fake News, National Socialists and RINOS are responsible for the violence on our streets.  They now have blood on their hands.  It has to stop!!  75 million Trump voters are not going away any time soon no matter how they try to intimidate us.  Matter of fact, their Hatred just makes us more resolved to defend for our freedoms and our nation to MAGA.  

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