Saturday, January 2, 2021

The Gestapo In Canada & the US

In a a recent video that has gone viral, the Gestapo in Canada raided a home with six people in it having dinner.  A neighbor ratted on these people for having an illegal party in the age of Covid.  Guests were dragged out of the home and arrested.  The same thing is happening in various Blue States in the US as gatherings of any size are banned by the Gestapo Governors of those states.  Church services in particular are targets of these secular atheists.  Churches have fought back by going to court to enforce their Constitutional right to freedom of religion.  Thankfully, the courts have ruled in their favor, which is allowing for indoor services in many areas that are just too cold to hold services outside.

What we have evolved to in the United States, Canada and many other countries as a result of Covid is blatant Fascism that seeks to control all aspects of our thinking and daily life supported by Big Tech.  The Fascists already tax and control everything we do, eat, own, touch etc.  That  has been happening for years.  And, while we have private enterprise, it is completely controlled by local, state and the federal governments as a result of various rationales for the public good.  Covid has shown us the true power of government as many businesses have been forced to shut down putting them out of business.  The end result is that big businesses, more willing to play ball with government, including adhering to PC BS and Identity Politics, will get even bigger as small business competition of any kind is gone.  

There is no doubt that Covid has resulted in an attack on our freedoms.  Now that the Fascists have seen what they can get away with in the name of an "emergency" including using a fraudulent election to remove President Trump from office, they will only wait until the next "emergency" to impose their will again on the people.  As the Fascists have said, "never let a good crisis go to waist" to get what they want.  For the Socialists and Communists in our country, the ends always justifies the means.  This is all out of Saul Alinsky's Rule Book for Radicals.  What we are seeing happen in our country and on our streets, the riots, looting and arson are right out of his playbook.  

The half the country that supports President Trump must stand up to fight this attack on our freedoms.  We see Socialist and Communist indoctrination happening in our schools that must stop.  The Cancel Culture is out to destroy our history and our country.  Fake News is the enemy of the people.  Big Tech is censoring political thought like never before.  The Fascist Gestapo is alive and well in Canada, the US and many other countries.  We can't be passive.  The so called Silent Majority can be silent no more.  

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