Saturday, January 16, 2021

The State Of The Union - Not Good

 As Joe Biden assumes the Presidency, the State of the Union is not good.  Biden talks unity; but then calls Trump supporters, basically half the country, NAZI's.  Millions of Americans see Biden as an illegitimate usurper who won by voter fraud, which means he will never be accepted as their President.  The reality is that we have never been more divided since the Civil War and contrary to Fake News assertions, this division did not start with Donald Trump.  The division we see is all about irreconcilable differences on virtually every key issue, which makes compromise impossible.   For example, how can pro-lifers ever agree to the Socialist position of abortion right up until birth and even after.  This is murder of a viable baby.  Impossible!

Further, what we have seen during the Trump years, practiced by the National Socialists, RINOS, Fake News and the Deep State was the politics of personal destruction worse than ever in American history.  The cat is now out of the bag and it appears that it is not going back in as these same characters are now demanding that any Republican who dared question election integrity must resign, or be drummed out of office.   Of course, we should question election integrity because voter fraud is real.  What we are seeing is war without the bullets and a blood sport that is as vicious as anything we have ever seen in our history.  And, it is very dangerous.

It is leading to violence because it is motivating the extreme left and the extreme right to take actions like rioting, looting and burning down our cities really in reaction to each other with the police caught in between.  The attack on the Capitol, though obviously wrong is a reaction to all that has gone on in the last four years.  The fact that we have more soldiers protecting the Capitol during the inauguration than are stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan is the telling tale.  The people on the extreme left and the extreme right turning to violence have lost faith in our country.  They see a corrupt government, in league with Big Business and Big Tech that is out of touch.  They are responding to what they believe is tyranny.  

The solution is not more gun control.  That will only incite the extreme right even more as a call to action.  Calling everybody that disagrees with politically correct ideology and the Cancel Culture a racist is no way to build bridges either.  Further, there is income inequality in our country.  The fact that just 100 global companies, including Big Tech, headquartered in the United States control 50% of our GDP is just too much power in too few hands.  It is destroying our democracy.  

We have to better understand the grievances that people feel to protect against radicalism and violence.  And, we better get there soon because the window is closing on the opportunity for peace and tranquility.  The riots and violence we have seen to date will only get worse.  Our elected officials that are making politics a blood sport are responsible for the violence on our streets; one because they are not solving real problems and two because the example they set is horrible.  As our national debt continues to sky rocket out of control, we are headed toward the bankruptcy of the United States.  If and when that happens all bets are off.  

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