Saturday, January 2, 2021

Fake News Media - Now What

Fake News Media has spent the last four years, 7/24 demonizing President Trump in the worst assault we have ever seen on any politician in American history.  Their Trump Derangement Syndrome and hatred gave them pretty good ratings, though consistently much lower than Fox because their fellow Trump Haters tuned in.  Even so because Trump did such a great job, it took voter fraud to defeat him.  Trump garnered 11 million more votes than he received in 2016; doubling his minority and Jewish votes.  Half the country believes that Trump won the election and that Joe Biden is an illegitimate usurper.  The reality is that without Trump in the White House, Fake News totally discredited time and time again for their lies and propaganda will now be in big trouble.  

Even lower ratings are likely to cause a shake up.  AT&T, deeply in debt will sell CNN as soon as they can because ratings will determine the price.  They can't wait too long because without Trump to kick around daily, CNN's ratings will fall even further.  This means that the day of reckoning is coming for the clowns on CNN.  Certainly, if Trump puts an investment group together to take over CNN, which is feasible, renaming it TNN, the Truth News Network, he will take great pleasure in firing all of his tormentors.  Trump would bring over the hand full of the good guys from Fox, which will cause the demise of Fox, that is beginning to happen already as NewsMax is the network of choice for former Fox viewers.  Who ever buys CNN, unless they like losing money, will have to fire the clowns at CNN causing the drop in ratings in order to reap any return on their investment. 

Our course, Trump in not going away anytime soon.  Trump will be speaking to his supporters at the rally in DC on January 6, perhaps signaling his future intentions.  Trump will probably leave the White House a few days before the Inauguration of Joe Biden.  There is no way Trump will attend the Inauguration because he will not want to legitimize the Biden Presidency that has been stolen from him and he will say as much.   Trump is already putting in place his MAGA Political Action Committee to raise billions of dollars in order to impact the 2022 and 2024 elections.  Political donations will go to Trump's organization rather than the RNC, or Republican Candidates directly unless they have Trump's endorsement.  

Trump will support primary candidates to remove RINOS from office who did not defend his Presidency in Congress and so he should.   Trump will call them out as RINO traitors and so they are.  We can see this train coming.   Trump will also form a shadow government much the same way as occurs in Great Britain to pounce on every stupid thing Biden does.  Trump has the money to keep people employed, so why not.  The election of 2020 was just one battle in the war and it is a war.  Trump will just keep on campaigning.   We can expect to see frequent election style rallies.  Now that Trump has figured out that he can just pull his Boeing 757 airplane, which will be coming back, up to an airport hangar,  we will see many more of these rallies.  The approach saves time and money so it is inevitable. 

Fake News will face a dilemma.  Do they continue to cover Trump for ratings, which they will desperately need, or do they ignore him.  My guess is that at first they will try to ignore him until they see coverage on NewsMax and News Nation.  At some point, since Trump will immediately pivot to the 2022 election, they will have to give him coverage or risk losing ad revenues, which is the kiss of death for any network.  It is going to be a very interesting and entertaining four years.  

No Republican can win without Trump's support and endorsement.  Hell hath no fury like a scorned Donald Trump.  RINOS will soon find that out.  Trump owns the new Republican Party, which is predicated on the MAGA coalition and agenda.  Old Establishment Country Club Republican Conservative Dinosaurs can't win elections.  What they preach cannot attract the Trump coalition.  As such, those RINOS feeding at the trough for years will start to fall and fade away, thankfully.  Good riddance.  

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