Sunday, January 24, 2021

Biden's First Big Crisis - Invasion At The Border

During the campaign, Joe Biden made it very clear that he supports Open Borders.  And guess what, the poor and down trodden in Central America and Mexico heard him loud and clear.   So Pueblo Sin Fronteras, (Town Without Borders), the Communist front organization based in Chicago, who many believe is funded by George Soros is back in Central America organizing the Caravans.  Thousands of people many of them with Covid, Tuberculosis and other communicable diseases are on the march towards our Southern border.  The 450 miles of border wall already built by Trump will slow them down a bit; but they will head for the locations where there is no wall overwhelming the border patrol.

Some in the Biden Administration have told them "Don't Come"; but it is too late. The Catholic Church in Mexico and the US are supporting these illegal alien's entry into the US.  The churches in Mexico are being used as way stations along the way.   And, since the Catholic Church in the US receives billions of dollars to care for illegal aliens after they are caught and released into our country, the Church sees these people as their gravy train.  This is happening because Conservative Catholics in the US who traditionally are big donors are leaving the Church in droves in opposition to Communist Pope Francis whom they abhor.  The hierarchy in the US needs to fill the pews.  Though they will get little money from illegal aliens, the billions they get from the federal government to care for them makes up for the billions they are losing in donations from Conservative Catholics.  This is all happening by design.  Pope Francis wants Conservative Catholics gone and he has said so.  

So, this invasion that will happen shortly is Biden's first crisis.  Biden should continue the practice put in place by Trump, which requires illegal aliens to stay in Mexico while they seek asylum.  But Biden can't implement this common sense practice because the Socialists in his party will go crazy.  AOC's Squad will accuse Biden of genocide.  So, Biden will have to go back to Catch and Release.  As as these illegal aliens enter the US, they have been trained to say they are seeking political asylum even though it is not true.  At that point, they will be released into the US into the hands of the Catholic Church and other non profit organizations to care for them.  The presumption is that these illegal aliens will show up for a court date 2 - 4 years from now to seek asylum, which never happens.  These people will just disappear into our country in some sanctuary city.  

Millions in Central America are watching this process unfold.  If Biden goes back to Catch and Release, which he will do, they will be on the march.  We will have an illegal alien invasion as occurred during the Obama years.  The Socialists want to provide these illegal aliens with Entitlements free medical care, welfare and food stamps.  The Catholic Legal Immigration Network is ready to sign them up.  This is happening while Social Security and Medicare are facing insolvency.  Giving Illegal Aliens Entitlements will impact all Americans not to mention having them flood our inner city public schools, hospitals and legal system.  All Americans should be concerned about the invasion on our Southern Border.  This is not good for America.  

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